Wonder Woman Takes On A Dragon

Wonder Woman Takes On A Dragon

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    So, after a killer New Years Eve party all of the make members of the Justice League sleep off the booze while Wonder Woman goes to have some beasty fun with their pet dragon. I’m glad we have THAT sorted out, now, as to why they didn’t air that “special” for the party.


    Dragon fuks yo shit up!

    Luke Magnifico

    Why is there a dragon.


    Why does Aquaman even come along?


    There question should more often be, “Why isn’t there a dragon?”


    i’m surprised she’s not tied up with the men having to rescue her.


    @LukeV1-5: Bruce Wayne got tired of being their freakin’ Sugar Daddy and told them they need to figure out a way to fund themselves without his damn money. Soooo, obvious answer is to dungeon crawl and go for a dragon’s hoard. However, none of them ever really RPG’d in their life (C’mon, they’re heroes already, why bother?) while WW has probably lived a few dungeon crawls in her time 😛

    Insanely Rational

    So Tiki posts the pic of the ball gag and follows it with one of Wonder Woman.

    Subtle, Tiki, very subtle.


    How is she going to stop a dragon, scratch that, a dragon with nostrils so intimidating lumberjack would pee his pants, with only a lasso of truth?

    Nemo Intermundorum

    How did the dragon take out Superman? Does it have kryptonite breath?


    @Nemo Intermundorum: Probably with something magic based.

    @Tardex: All I can think of is a shitload of Nat’ 20’s. That or she’s gonna rip off its uvula or screw with the dragon’s Thor’s Thimble?


    @Tardex: I was just gonna mention those nostrils –they’re like some weird custom mufflers you’d see on “American Chopper”.