Starbucks – out of coffee, but Try Our Pastries!!

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Just saw this today

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    Which is okay. I go there to be mouthed off at by the clerks about the names of sizing and to inquire as to whether or not they can super size it.


    Currently? As far as I’m concerned they’ve only served feet sweat and reused water for washing socks from the kingdom of Balzak and CALL it coffee.


    OMG the economy is failing! Starbucks has officially run out of coffee!

    fuck startbucks. I roast my own.


    You know, I can see paying $6 for a -good- cup of coffee. But only if it’s good. Which is why I don’t pay $6 for a cup of Starbucks coffee.


    I don’t drink regular coffee from Starbuck’s, but where else am I gonna get a frapuccino when the craving strikes? I don’t know that this has much to do with the economy as it does with a manager who simply forgot to place an order in time.

    Luke Magnifico

    Hey, no need to apologise.

    You can’t overcharge me for crap coffee if you have none to sell.


    I don’t drink coffee, the only thing I’ve very bought from starbucks is the hot apple cider spice, but I always order by saying, “small,” “medium,” or “large” cause their names for them are fucking retarded. And no one has said anything to me about it or tried to correct me. If the fuckers did I’d just ignore them and use the word again, I’m the goddamn customer bitch!


    @Annarchy: yeah soryy annarchy I forgot to use “¶” to denote sarcasm. I just remember reading an article several months ago that starbucks was closing shops in preparation for a recession. Thats all, I appologize for the confusion.

    ¶will the interweb ever forgive me?¶


    This is a warehouse issue not a store specific issue. Coffee is autoshipped to the stores 3 times a week.


    They really have a fairly clever raquet. See, the plain ol’ black coffee tastes like tire rubber (~$1), but if you mix it into a $6 beverage with 100 different flavors and milk, it becomes almost consumable.

    I’m not really hip to that pretentious atmosphere or having to disguise the wonders of black coffee, so I rarely go there. Every once and awhile I abuse their free coupons and gifts cards because, hell, I don’t pay for shit, and free coffee is good coffee.


    Starbucks sucks, support your local coffee shop.


    I don’t care how good the coffee is, if I am paying six bucks for 20oz of liquid I’d best be getting tipsy or high from it.

    Hyperbole aside tho, a cup of coffee at starbuckers is only about $2. It’s pretty much the same price as the coffee at 7-11. Just much much stronger. A sugery flavored milk concoction with espresso in it, is not a cup of coffee.

    Still, i buy my beans from the local roaster and pay about 5 cents for my cup of delicious coffee.


    “We are currently out of Hot and Iced coffee today. but for your benefit, we still have the room-temperature stuff that yesterdays customers left behind”