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Your not even reading this

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    Luke Magnifico

    It’s a pity her face is so “real”.

    I mean, it might just be me, but she looks like someone who is surprised because they’ve just been hit in the face with a shovel, hard.

    Also, these are saggy, saggy bosoms.


    I dont see the saggy, I say for all superficial purposes, she is an 8 or a 9. However the look on her face SCREAMS “I have made my bountiful titties the bane of my own existence, but I wear shirts that encourage people to look at them anyway.”


    Clearly a push-up bra! ¶


    Her eyes tell me she has poor self-esteem and confidence issues and strives to make up for it with her tits but.. well camusapprectice said it quiet well, so i’ll just second what he said.


    I bet she’s a well adjusted individual with good friends and a supportive family. I bet she’s goal oriented, a good cook, and very witty.

    And NONE of you will ever have her. NONE. So feel free to rationalize why you’re better off without her. Cognitive dissonance saves all.


    If I had run into this lass at a party: “Why yes, they are. May I offer you a backrub?”


    thatonejimguy: I get to spend my money on me instead of her?


    sylvanish: i love smart women.. i dunno why


    She has nice eyes.


    thatonejimguy: I bet she isnt.


    I hate it when girls wear shirts with slogans like this…

    just as much as I hate guys that have shirts that boast the giganticness of thier phallus

    Luke Magnifico

    And then you read them, and then they get all offended because you’re staring at their chest.

    What the HELL.


    A shockingly low number of posts acknowledging the “cute chick with big boobs and a moderate sense of humor” factor and far too much analysis on her perceived self-esteem.

    All you really need to say on the subject is “OM NOM NOM” and move on.


    LukeV1-5: I hate that ones that actually have something really funny on the shirt and then you get belted with the fury of 1000 feminists for looking at it.


    enough4: point. But OM NOM NOM would require a detatchable jaw for those badboys!


    Instead of looking at tits, try this


    Real and spectacular, but not really spectacular.


    If I saw her, I would laugh at the Seinfeld reference. Helps that I just saw the episode again today.


    : The image is nice, but the grammatical error below really bugs me.


    lol restraining order tag


    Sarcastastic: I’m glad I’m not the only one who got the Seinfeld reference.

    For the record, those are not spectacular, even if they are real.


    I really see nothing wrong with her face. That being said….OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM x 10^10000


    Puulaahi: She does. I like her eyes too. And I don’t think she’s bad looking either. Just something about her that seems… sad… unhappy… unfriendly… I dunno.

    Maybe it’s the self esteem thing sylvanish is talking about…


    She has a cute face.


    I registered just to post this comment, HOLY SHIT I KNOW HER!!! She’s close friends with a bunch of girls I went to elementary school and high school with. They call her Bree and she’s actually a pretty cool chick, loves dune buggies, very family oriented, and my god are they even more glorious in real life. Too bad she moved to oregon or washington or something a couple months ago


    WarGoliath: and I’m a 300 pound chick


    ColombianMonkey: You know, that isn’t really a good way to be sarcastic. I could actually believe you, and therefore makes the sarcasm useless.

    You could be a 300 pound chick.


    ColombianMonkey: Really!? Cool. Can I have your number? we should go out¶


    for a second there i was interested… & when are you gonna post your effin picture so i can print a big one and throw darts at it ^_^




    *note* and also know how dieA loves Tengu.

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