Tall Truck is Tall


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    tall truck is fuckin’ lame.


    Lame indeed. Good luck turning your piece of shit truck.


    Any vehicle you need a gangplank to board is beyond lame.


    @Alte: Wait, are you saying pirate ships are lame? Or zeppelins?


    Those wheels are far too small for that truck.


    Sigh. More money than brains…but at least it has mud on it.
    @Alte: or sternwheelers?


    This is why America is awesome.


    @impaciente: This is why America FAILS.


    Look at that tie he’s wearing. He was brought up in a trailer park. Sold enough moonshine or bathtub crank to afford the truck. I’ll take back the gangplank reference. Extension ladder? Happy now?


    @Alte: Sure. Just tweaking yer nipples old friend.
    @Puulaahi: @impaciente:
    If you got the money to do something or own something utterly ridiculous that makes you feel good, then dammit, GOD FUCKING BLESS AMERICA, because here, YES WE CAN! USA! USA! USA! USA!
    The rest of you whiny jealous wannabes can either get your US citizenship or get in line to kiss Homer Simpsons hairy yellow ass.


    @SumoSnipe: Logic FAIL. Enjoy your life in FAILtown USA. Nobody is whiny/jelous of this crap.Crack.Stop smoking it.


    Homer da man. He could make this piece of shit truck look good.


    @Puulaahi: I’m sorry. I thought that here at [mcs] folks would know SARCASM when they see it. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS THE ACCEPTED SYMBOL, EMOTICON OR WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS CALLED to signify that sarcasm hand is held high?
    oh wait you were being sarcastic back….boy my face is red.


    @SumoSnipe: The symbol for sarcasm is: ¶


    @dieAntagonista: arhhh you beat me to it


    Out of curiosity, for those of you that think so, why is this truck such a massive Phail?


    I would like to point out that with a suspension set up like that, that truck probably has insane flexibility. It’s actually kitted out pretty good for rockcrawling. It’s even got beadlock wheels.

    I see two possibilities. One, this guy takes his truck out on weekends and actually goes off road and has some fun. Two, He’s just a douchebag who wants to look like he does cool stuff with a truck


    Spring salesman, hence the sign on the side of the truck.


    more a mudbog rig to me. but: conan I think is correct. the whole truck is an advert, and the cost of the truck and addons was probably written off as a business expense.And where else can you get the gov’ment to pay YOU …what about $70k? For something like that?


    You people must be really stupid, or just hate America because you live in shit conditions. I could see if it was some mexicant or some niqqer in some (actual) piece of shit, not a nice truck, and had some stupid pimp my ride modification (I bet you degenerates would love any useless thing that show puts on car) then it would be worthy of dissing. But it’s far from it. He’s got a nice suite on (not some baggy trendy hip hop costume) and obviously lives in a nice condo like house (far from the apartment those mexicants and… Read more »


    @Excelsior: That is exactly what I was thinking. This truck appears to have been properly set up to maximize clearance, suspension travel, flexibility and maximize approach/departure angles.

    It doesn’t appear to have any pointless mods. In fact, from what I can see, it has been correctly modified and should be quite capable off road vehicle.

    Hence my interest about why people where bashing it…


    @Phyreblade: Not really bashing it, but even if I had the money for a rig like that, that truck would be over the top for what I use or need out at the family ranch.


    NORMALLY- i’d diss the shit out of a tall truck. however, this one says American Spring on the side- has ZERO bling- a custom suspension and no bs tires.

    it’s a marketing tool for the suspension system… which looks very BIGFOOT. might work well- but looks tippy to me.

    i’d happily drive it thru the woods and mud to see…


    @Puulaahi: Actually I can see your reasoning. America must fail because we can and do build things other people can’t. What we should be doing is living miniature lives like they do in Japan or just give it all up and go live like hippies. I get it.


    tall truck is compensation for tall-truck-guy’s lack of tallness elsewhere… 8/


    @przxqgl: I’m 6’1″ and my car is about 3 feet shorter then me. Oh wait, are you talking about penis size?