Invasive Species of Hawaii

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    We have the Coquí here also, apparently it can only survive here and Hawaii, it’s the island’s …erm… mascot I guess. I kill ’em with salt when they get too annoying.


    well, it seems like a lot more when you say everything twice. (wtf?)


    Haha Banana Bunchy Top Virus sure does sound interesting.

    And I want to have a pet Tokay Gecko, like really badly.

    @Dreth: You kill something when it gets annoying? Dude.



    Yeah don’t get on my bad side or you’ll get salt on yo’ ass.

    And a coqui next to your window in mating season after it has rained is like having a cricket, a baby bird chirping and a small yellow chicken GOING OFF AT THE SAME TIME REPEATEDLY DURING THE WHOLE NIGHT NEXT TO YOUR EAR!

    And yes, they only sing at night.



    I think I’ve changed my mind. I want a pet Coqui.

    So you are telling me that small yellow chicken like frogs are sitting at your window, singing for you and you don’t appreciate it? PAH!

    You’re not worthy of living in such an awesome place.


    Now it’s awesome? Maybe I should go back to calling you PR, hm?


    I always loved Puerto Rico, you idiot.

    But if you call me Puerto Rico because you feel like I look just like everyone else there, then you and my ego are having a problem.