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Patrick McGoohan, not just a number, more than a free man, died 13 January 2009

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    Free man



    Also RIP.


    Damn, I loved him when I was little. RIP

    tiki god

    I’m sorry, but who? I looked through his IMDB entry and didn’t recognize a single thing.


    tiki god: Danger Man? The Prisoner? Really never seen them? You should definitely check out The Prisoner. Also, Ice Station Zebra and Mary, Queen of Scots were good movies.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    tiki god: Braveheart?


    He was so frikken sexy.


    No clue who this guy is…

    How come there isn’t a post in dedication to Kahn???


    RIP Mr. McGoohan. You will be missed. *sigh*


    : I’m sure montebonn (or however you spelled it) was bigger for you, but in the grand scheme of things, this guy was far and away a bigger deal. The prisoner inspired every man-on-the-run movie or show from the Incredible hulk to the Fugitive. It inspired every spy series from James Bond to Get Smart. Mr. Kahn himself wouldn’t have gotten his role if The Prisoner hadn’t made Fantasy Island possible (it pretty much coined the concept of an island full of excentric to surreal characters).

    It’s not something that has percolated down through the cultural monologue (like other things like Mission Impossible or Battlestar Galactica which have had successful rebirths), but it has very far reaching influences. The Prisoner was really the first show that allowed 60s level surrealism to enter into primetime drama. It (along with other people like Rowan and Martin, et al), allowed things like the Monkees, the Muppets, and Happy Days to do bizarre, out-of-this-world surreal comedy and/or drama without getting hammered for being too “out there.” It was the series that made WEIRD fascinating, rather than just kind of bizzare and stupid.


    WistfulD: Monteboon wasn’t big for me at all. I was just saying…


    I endorse this post. The Prisoner was ingenious and influential. And sadly, being remade.

    Also, McGoohan was pretty great in Silver Streak, Escape from Alcatraz and Scanners.

    Joeseph Goebbels

    I just ordered the complete Prisoner series DVD box set, should be arriving soon.

    He was great, I’ve had a poster saying “I AM A FREE MAN” above my desk for a few years now.

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