Pouncing Cat

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    Bye bye, birdie!


    It’s incredible how agile cats are. I’m trying to picture the landing and all I get is OUCH!


    @nyokki: I haven’t seen much in this world more graceful than a cat. The things they can do truly amaze me.


    @the3g_ipwn: Unless it’s my cat. She’s deaf and her sense of balance is not the best. She does make for some good humor though.


    Lol. Never seen a cattard before. I bet she is hilarious.


    My cat is retardedly fat, but he still manages to jump on to the bird feeder just as easily as the squirrels.


    @the3g_ipwn: I’ve got video on my camera. If she does something I’ll try to catch it and post it. What’s really funny is that you can tell she’s embarrassed when she falls.


    @Theo11: A retardedly fat cat on a bird feeder?! You should get a picture of that!


    @nyokki: yep, mine’s the same way; he frequently falls off the floor. the guy can’t walk on the back of the couch without stumbling. my hypothesis: he’s a reincarnated giraffe. but he’s MY reincarnated giraffe. 🙂


    My cats are anything but graceful. They have their moments but … mostly they move clumsily in fast motion so that it appears graceful to the human eye. :p

    My friend’s cat was so graceful that she broke her leg last week. Cost my friend $4500 to fix her!!


    My kitty is old and not very graceful any more. She used to be, though. Nothing was safe from her – if she could see it, she could get to it.


    @outoffocus: I am an animal person and have a couple dogs and a cat. BUT $4500 on a cat?? Sorry that’s over my “fix a pet” budget. I’d say $500 max. for cats and $1000 max. for dogs. There are plenty of cats and dogs that need a good home to replace Stiffy after the nighty-night needle is used…


    @macio: The only thing I’ll disagree with is having different levels dogs than cats but beyond that, I generally agree.

    I promised myself when I got my current cats that I wouldn’t go through that again. Me and my son being able to eat take priority over pets.

    My friend isn’t in the same position and she has pure breed cats so her decision making points aren’t the same as mine.


    My cat sam(uel) weigths about 3kg and is the smartest little cat ass ive ever seen. he dont battle other cats but anything else that lives in our garden lives in fear of him. he kills silently and without caution. last summer some rats that have been a lot bigger than him ;). he even looks like some other cat when he hunts. i love him