Krampus, companion of St. Nicholas

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A man dressed as a Krampus, traditionally the companion of St. Nicholas who might dole out punishment to bad children. One of Austria\’s unique Advent traditions, this man is seen as a part of a Krampus procession in the city of Unken, Austria on Friday, Dec. 5, 2008.

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    This would explain a lot about the two most famous Austrians, Hitler and Schwarzenegger: childhood trauma.


    Re-poast from yesterday! :sigh: It’s like you aren’t even trying….


    : I don’t believe it was truma, more like sexual frustration. Needed an outlet, or place to direct that energy.

    This tradition is much better than the Mexican tradition of Posada and La Nocha Buena, what I grew up around. It’s so….Catholic.

    Alec Dalek

    How is this any less traumatizing than telling a kid something so sick and perverted as that they will go to hell for all eternity if they don’t do what their parents tell them?


    I’d say the sexual frustration thing is more responsible for the Japanese participation in WWII. They’ve since managed to redirect their outlet into more sensible pastimes, like tentacle rape anime and Hello Kitty vibrators.



    Because it’s all in good fun, the children get presents, there is free candy and these people who are wearing these costumes only hit sassy teenagers who came outside just to get hit by them?

    Please. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t make idiotic assumptions.

    Also, The kids know that these are men in costumes, therefore it’s like showing them that the whole deal with Satan etc isn’t real.


    @deuce: Good Point.

    Alec Dalek

    @dieAntagonista: Until the child finds out it’s just a guy in a mask, I’m sure they’re are quite traumatized. Same with Jesus.


    @AlecDalek: You’re just scared because it’s something you know nothing about. And you see there are religious elements so you feel like it can’t be anything else but harmful. As you can see in the picture this is at night. Kids who are so young that they wouldn’t understand aren’t allowed to be on the streets this late. In the 19 years I’ve lived here I haven’t seen one kid cry because of the costumes. This is a tradition that has been adopted by the people that has almost nothing to do with religion anymore. In fact it’s the religious… Read more »


    @conan776: Read the faq!

    Kick Ass!


    @Puulaahi: So drunk he can’t remember yesterday? … on second thought, I’ll have what he’s having!


    yay! krampusnacht!


    i am from austria, but i live and grew up in vienna where tradition like this aren’t as strong as on the countrysite. for small children this guys can be real scary. i can remember how it scared the crap out of my younger brother when he was 5 years old. it is basically a old, heathenish tradition like halloween.