Chocolate Beer

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Yeah or Nay?

Chocolate Beer

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    Intresting. But I would be forced to proceed with caution.


    I’ve just got back from Western Australia. There’s a brewery near Margeret River that does all sorts of funky beers, including a chocolate dark ale. It’s incredible. I bought 6 bottles.

    This really isn’t news. A quick search of BeerAdvocate turns up 224 chocolate beers already on the market, and most are probably better than Sapporo’s chocolate beer. That head looks like industrial waste.


    Most American beer is so boring… The big 3 Anhueser/busch/miller/coors fucking suck. I love shiner, and sam adams is pretty good. They have a couple unique and different brews including a cherry wheat that I like every now and then. But it seems the typical american likes piss water that will “git u druuunk!”


    Get you drunk of my lady humps


    Chocolate beer isnt that good. Some flavors should just not be added to beer.


    Drunkin: Come to Portland, OR. There’s a reason we’re nicknamed Beervana.

    We have an organic bar/brewery/whatever here that occasionally makes a good chocolate habanero stout. It’s not chocolate like a candy bar or like Budweiser would make it, it’s a subtle addition to the drink. The habanero after taste though is what makes it so good.


    I would certainly give that a go.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Sounds like a plan. Next time I head out that way I’ll have to stop by. That sounds a lot like traditional Mayan/Aztec Chocolate; mixing chocalate and hot peppers.

    RSIxidor: Think I’ll pass, but thanks for offering.

    madhouses visites

    How about next theme day – pics of your favourite local beer?


    Cherry Wheat absolutely positively tastes fucking disgusting. Sam Adams does make good beers, thats just not one of them.

    And my vote for favorite beer goes to Guinness.


    I’d try it.

    Gunness is my favorite beer too, closely followed by Newcastle.


    hvymetal86: I was giving an example of something different. I just don’t like those big companies peddling their shit like its the greatest thing on earth. The best beer is free beer, but there is a line that should be drawn.


    Drunkin: Actually usually free beer is shit beer like Budweiser.


    Puulaahi: yeah.. 🙁


    I imagine that’s pretty dank. There’s a good double chocolate stout available at Trader Joe’s, but the brand escapes me.

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