Original X-Men Wallpaper

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Fuck yeah!

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    Gary Generic

    Not the biggest X-Men fan, but I did get annoying with Cyclops getting shafted to fucking hard in the movies.

    Shortpacked! anyone?

    Gary Generic

    to = so


    how do you one day discover that you have SUPER MASSIVE DANGEROUS LASER EYEBALLS. Wouldn’t there be a baby blasting its way out of its moms birthing-hole with laser eyes?


    @thatonejimguy: I think their counter to this sort of thing is that his powers manifested when he hit puberty or something along those lines.

    tiki god


    god dammit, you made me cry!

    mutants don’t manifest their abilities till purberty.

    cyclops had control of his eye powers until he was thrown out of a plane and hit his head, whoops.


    It’s opretty much par for the course for Cyclops. He gets dicked around by his team mates, the writers, and the universe as a whole. He’s Marvels’ favorite whipping boy. Admittedly, he has done some crappy things (like walking out on his wife and son, or having an emotional affair when he was married to Jean Grey), but I blame the writers for those crapsack stories.


    Cyclops was MR.X-MAN in the Claremont run. He was even the bad ass leader when Jim Lee had his stint. If anything, the movies/cartoons are the ones that make him into a dick/wimp. He’s had a resurrection with Morrison & later Whedon, but teens identify with Wolverine (He’s an outsider with a mysterious past who can’t get the girl… I’m AN OUTSIDER WITH A MYSTERIOUS PAST WHO CAN’T GET THE GIRL!) and Wolvie fans hate Cyclops. True story.


    @tiki god: I apologize for my ignorance. Though I am fairly certain that explanation is used for at least one mutant, I just can’t think of who it could be for the life of me.


    I’m a Gambit fan, and I hate Cyclops.