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    I always wonder how sad people have to be that they need to put bits of metal into themselves just to get a little personality.



    You obviously don’t understand it all.

    I’ve never met anyone with either of the problems from the lip piercing. Same one I have on the left side of the lip.

    I like the wording of “compromise of condoms or diaphragms.” That’s hilarious to me for some reason.


    Whoa, penile engorgement?!?! I CAN GET A BIGGER COCK BY PIERCING IT?!?!



    RSIxidor: Very true, I don’t understand it at all. Why spend money to look different from other people? Who cares if they’re different or not unless they have some sort of inadequacy?

    tiki god

    Not so much personality, but some of my piercings are for sexual gratification.

    Think ‘painful’ engorgement, and you’re right on track 😉

    Insanely Rational

    JamesTuskGeorge: The thing you’re missing is that some people have the irresistible urge to poke holes in their body and hang shiny things from them. I mean, THEY’RE SO SHINY!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THEM!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!!!

    From my point of view, jewelery has only two things going for itself: it’s shiny and it’s expensive. Either way, liking it too much can only say bad things about a person.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    JamesTuskGeorge: “Why spend money to look different from other people?”
    To be cynical, in many species there is a sexual advantage to simply looking different.
    A neat experiment was done where a bright green feather to glued to the back of the head of a male canary. Then the green feather canary and a regular male canary were put in a cage with a female to see which one the female preferred. Guess what? Even though the green feather was completely unnatural and useless, the females wasn’t when for the one with a green feather.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Arrgh, need to proof-read better!
    Last sentence should be:
    Even though the green feather was completely unnatural and useless, the females went for the one with a green feather.


    tiki god: For sexual gratification is fine, no worries, not arguing about that.

    reboot: If you need to look like a freak to get laid you’re deficient somewhere, which is my argument.


    JamesTuskGeorge: Think of it this way. There’s really no difference between decorating your house or decorating your body. Some people just don’t have the stones to pick up the nail & hammer.

    I frown upon ornamental jewelery in general, but I understand why people would want to decorate themselves. Hell, I’m guilty of owning some clothing with hockey & beer logos on them, it’s really no different.

    I’m assuming you wear all white with no logos? You wouldn’t want people to think that you get your personality from your clothes, right?


    Well suicyking beat me to it. But, yeah, that.


    Honestly, at this point, its more likely you’ll be “different” from others if you DON’T get a peircing. I live in st. louis and those around my age (20-25) are so into peircings/tattoos that at this point getting a tattoo/peircing is just as conformist.


    @...suicydking: I have to wear clothes, if I don’t I’ll be put in jail unless I die of cold first, but where would you even get all white clothes with no logos? I wear jeans and t-shirts most of the time I’m not at work, and at work I wear jeans and polo shirts. I buy decent quality and replace them when they wear out, generally plain, yeah, unless there’s something going for free with a pack of beer. I have never bought anything designer, or that cost more because of the logo or design on it than it would… Read more »


    I got my piercings just for the simple fact that I like the look of them, not to be different or to fit in with a crowd.


    Piercings are okay depending where you put them.

    A guy with pierced nipples/belly button/shaft/lip/nose/between the eyebrows is just a homo.

    So yeah, piercings are okay.


    none of the fun piercings are shown. i have a high-guiche and it’s so classy i show it at wine tastings to add flavor to decorum.


    I am getting my dick pierced, beceause i am so fuckinh cool.


    I like piercings. It’s sexy to see people who went through pain like that just to have some jewelry hanging from their face.

    Though I must say, I have/ had two piercings and I regret them. I left only the navel piercing in so only people at the beach in the summer see that one. But in general, I don’t want to be liked more, or less because of metal in my face.

    Unfortunately I like dressing in fine clothes way too much, but if I wasn’t so vain I’d totally wear only plain white or black clothes.


    @... Dreth “A guy with pierced nipples/belly button/shaft/lip/nose/between the eyebrows is just a homo.” Right. Total failure of understanding ITT, as well as casual bigotry. Body modification is about changing ones body to suit oneself. Not to impress anyone else. Of course, what a person wants to change their image too is subject to things like fashion, economic situation, self identity blah blah blah blah. But the point is people adorn themselves not to join a particular community, or to shape others perceptions of them, etc, but to satisfy their own need for self expression. As for first poster, personality… Read more »


    Methinks he’s been professionally trolled.


    Mack: Well that was certianly an eloquent explaination of the art. I fucking see the bullshit light and you’re not fuckin’ doin’ it to be speshul or fucking unique at all (even though you are).



    You fail. Self expression is different to wanting to “Be unique.”

    One is wanting to Express Oneself, the other is Wanting to be Totally Individual.

    Different wants.

    Come back when your arguement makes sense.


    @...JamesTuskGeorge: Some people like to talk about what music they like. Some people enjoy video games. Some people get a kick out of making fun of whatever people do to eke more joy out of this life. Your wants and desires don’t at all have to be rational, and many frequently aren’t. It’s stupid and pointless, though tempting, to make fun of someone or pretend assumptions about why people do the things they do. People pierce themselves because they like piercing themselves. And don’t tell me “How can you like hurting yourself?” You hurt yourself everytime you eat a cheeseburger,… Read more »


    ieattime20: I am humbled, and apologise. I was just winding people up.


    I think it’s amazing that somone actually apologised on the internet.

    I’m impressed by both James and Time20 here.

    Why don’t you go and read through some of the back archives of Modblog? (Prior to 2008, when it went under new management). it’s a consistently intrigueing archive of photos and articles about body modification submitted by the BME community.

    Hell, you could end up becoming interested in it yourself. Mainly I think it’s the “Yuck” factor and that they don’t understand it that puts people off. Reading modblog sure as hell solves that, Lol.


    ieattime20: JamesTuskGeorge: they are no more /b people anymore here.. only cool/smart people 🙁

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