The 1989 Batmobile Replica (125 KB) (129 KB)

Made from a 1978 Corvette.

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    Not quite the same, but still pretty cool.


    I like the newer Batmobile better. :/

    (in b4 the shitstorm this may potentially cause)


    What a waste of a `78 Corvette.


    Cool, They took a 78 Corvette Stingray and made it into a piece of junk. Next, they went on to deficate in the towns drinking water and sodomise an unsuspecting goat


    Is it just me or does the first pic look like the car is floating?


    I totally agree nice way to fuck up a corvette

    Luke Magnifico

    The dude was too much of a fag to own a nice corvette. He had to fag it up, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to drive it.


    franklink humperdink

    LukeV1-5, you dumb ass moron hick, the guy who build this car said he got the car from a junkyard. It wasn’t a “nice corvette” — WTF is wrong with you? Furthermore, he didn’t “fag it up” — some other guy did that. He just bought the car. How stupid are you? Kutter and mikoyangurevich15, you are also both dipshits for not taking 15 seconds to read up.

    Luke Magnifico

    I read it. I just chose to ignore it. It was inconvenient. It conflicted with my point that the dude was a fag. Also, that’s the thing about a corvette: Parts for it are more commonplace than Christians. The act of bringing it “Back from the dead” would take someone who knew what they were doing maybe a day. So the dude did have a “nice corvette” to begin with. He just chose to waste what appears to be hundreds, if not thousands, of man hours to achieve this rather than maybe spend a couple of days fixing up a… Read more »


    @LukeV1-5: Oh, I beg to differ. Christians are much more commonplace than old ‘vette parts… 😛


    I love how you can still see that it’s a corvette. AWESOME


    @colonel yum yum. It is floating, cause that’s what turds do.