Futurama Sign

futurama.jpg (120 KB)

A mindless worker is a happy worker!
Shut up and do your job!

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    That’s why I’m unemployed.


    Your also not paid to surf the web and post comments on MCS.. but who gives a shit 😀


    I’m not paid to think? Thank god, I can stop wasting all that brain power at work and save it for m[c]s.


    I actually like working at places where my creative input is not required.


    @Dreth: I could see definite advantages to having a job where you work your shift, go home, and forget you have a job. Work shouldn’t be one’s whole life.


    If your creative input is truly recognised, then all is well regardless of remuneration. If creative input falls on deaf ears then it’s a different matter altogether.

    Ultimately, robots will be doing menial tasks. Hell, they’re already answering the phone when you ring a call centre….


    One of the problems of being a public school teacher is the ambivalence of the students and the frustrations of the admins. As a teacher you’re very much stuck in the middle, trying to simply teach. There are times when it is the most fulfilling job and others when I’m ready to toss it all in and retire.


    hey, this reminds me of the days i worked in fast food! they should post this sign right in MickeyDs windows!