“Tis hard to pee straight”

dland.manpee.jpg (376 KB)

Is this what\’s going on? If so, you guys should become acquainted w/, what I like to call, a MOP.

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    Well, when I pee, I usually try to cover as big an area as possible. I find it’s more efficient to mark as much territory as possible.


    ha i just had this discussion with my boyfriend like half an hour ago =P


    this is why i always piss outside no matter where i am. even in broad daylight downtown. fuck it, at least i ain’t pissin’ on someone’s floor.


    I piss on my girlfriend.


    @nobody knows: if by piss you mean anally infiltrate and by girlfriend you mean random stranger in the men’s room of a truck stop, then yes, we believe you.


    Hey, it was just that one time…and that other one…then the other….


    I should stop typing.


    hehehehehe it’s ok. the world is becoming more and more fucked up. soon, you’ll look normal.


    the after sex pee stream is unpredictable often shooting in as many as 3 directions, i prefer to piss outside, less pressure


    I pay the bills, I piss wherever I damn well please.


    And while we’re at it, women like to bitch about putting the seat down after we’re done pissing is it that hard to put the seat down yourself? Or better yet, YOU put the seat up when YOU’RE done!


    At least clean it up yourself, fucker.

    And we bitch about the seat because you need it down sometimes, too. So if it’s needed down a majority of the time then just leave it down. Also sometimes you really have to pee and don’t have time to make sure the seat’s down and clean.


    Seat down…check
    Seat clean…mmmm maybe?!

    Luke Magnifico

    @dub_1211: Dude, I sleep rough downtown.

    Quit pissin’ on my floor!


    I always clean up my piss when it gets on the floor, which is often. I don’t think “really having to pee” is an excuse for sitting on a toilet with the seat raised, and getting pissed at whomever left it that way. Sometimes, I really have to shit, but never in my life have I sat in an open toilet.


    I draw pictures when I pee.


    I always put both the seat and the lid down. If I’m expected to move something, I’m going to expect you to move something.


    easy solution to peeing with a hard-on, – do a handstand, and your torpedo will be aimed down into the bowl



    but yes boys, at least get some toilet paper and wipe it up so that we don’t notice.