Hovercraft Skateboard

airboard-ii-vertical.jpg (61 KB)

as seen here

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    Sick! But I could see that pissing off skateboarders at the skatepark.


    agreed – I don’t skate, but some asshat sliding around on his mattress with reigns would most likely unnerve me.


    Haha wtf. I’d wanna try this out yea, but it’s kinda lame. What’s the point in using this thing if it’s not even that dangerous.


    but will it take off?

    will it go on teh waters?


    @natedog: According to the website it can only go on “Firm mowed grass, hard asphalt, concrete” and only travels 15 mph. Doesn’t have the power to push itself over water.


    but but but its not pink and it doesnt say Mattel on it, and that is certainly not Marty McFly!



    Skateboards, Roller-Skates, Bicycles, Skis.

    I’m sure these things weren’t meant to be dangerous at first either.


    @Dreth: Yea you do have a point. But this thing here above is just ridiculous compared to real skateboarders, snowboarders etc.

    When I first began to learn how to snowboard I did it because skiing was lame and not as dangerous.


    Any day now one of the dot.com geeks is going to pick one of these up and ride it around downtown San Jose. There’s a pack of them that ride around in their suits on scooters and there’s the segway guy.


    @dieAntagonista: Oh great more LEARNING snowboarders.. A word of advice: the Bottom of a BIG jump is NOT a rest area..
    ..- so sorry asian kid, i hope your wrist grows back strait, and no i don’t feel bad- his stupidity cost him a wrist.


    @Flappycunt: Ahahah. That’s EXACTLY where I ‘rest’. Always. Don’t you love us annoying snowboarders lying around like dead fishes? Yeah me too.


    fail- “The four stroke petrol engine is manufacture by one of the worlds largest manufacturers and needs only periodic maintenance. All wearing components, such as filters and friction pads, are easily serviced by the user.”
    1-Americans are too lazy to fix things.
    2-American ECO-BIO Hippy Boarders will not allow a gas engine in parks.


    @Flappycunt: Oh yea also, I’m not learning anymore. I can snowboard since I’m 13 and I have even won some medals. :p

    But I still rest at the bottom of big jumps just to piss off skiers.


    @Flappycunt: I agree with #2 and but #1.

    There are Americans who are too lazy to do fix things themselves but there are many who are not. The majority of my friends do their own oil changes and what not. With the exception of one job, I have done all the work required to my motorcycles.


    paula abdual drove into a BIG puddle in palm springs- fuct her car.. will she (herself)fix it? @outofocus: I fix everything myself- but i’m not a MODEL citizen. My motorcycle is losing its ass right now- i chopped off the rear fender.. still coming along.. when done ill post a pic for you to loath.


    @outofocus: Myself hubby and kiddies haven’t ever taken a vehicle “to be serviced” for oil, lube, brakes, exhaust, etc…We pay for tires, balancing, alignments along w/ transmissions and engine overhauls/rebuilds. Working on old Trumpets isn’t much harder than working on lawnmowers (or so hubby claims ;<))


    @Flappycunt: Now that I have a camera, I’ll take a pic of the motorcycle.


    @nyokki: I miss wrenching on my motorcycle. My wrists are trashed so I actually have a friend work on my car which makes me feel kind of guilty but we just replaced the clutch and I saved about $1000 so I don’t feel too bad about that. :] I do plan to work on my next motorcycle but I might have to get help when doing the valves and what not because of my wrists.

    And do post pictures!