Cope India 04

F-15_Su30_Mir2000.jpg (260 KB)

The first bilateral dissimilar air combat exercise between the U.S. Air Force and the Indian air force in more than 40 years. This was the first opportunity since 1963, for USAF fighters to operate from Indian soil.he exercise brought together leading fighter combat aircraft and aircrew and ground crew of both air forces. The USAF flew in F-15Cs, while the IAF was represented by Mirage 2000, Su-30K(now replaced by the more advanced SU-30MKI, MiG-27s and MiG-21 (upgraded). Pictured is the USAF\’S f-15\’s and the IAF\’s Dassault mirage-2000\’s and su-30k\’s.

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    At first glance this looked like a picture of birds. Funky colours.


    Afterwords everyone sat together and had curry.


    I’m gonna go ahead and throw my two cents:
    I HATE indian food. Not because i’m a racist, but because EVERYTIME i try to have a fun night and eat sum-
    1- the hostess/server is rude or odd.
    2- the place has roaches or some form of insect.
    3- they rush the fuck out of me to eat.
    4- the chicken is allways BBQ BURNED.
    5- they allways have late 70’s & 80’s decor.
    6- smoke seems to be everywhere.
    7- A grandparent of “the family” is passed out beside the register.
    8- its allways a in strip-mall.
    9- I tip large, return, and same crap-service.
    10- annoying yelling in kitchen, which is called singing..


    At first glance I suspect more than 20 words. Damn you lotus!!!11


    LOL I’m sorry to hear that! I love curry. Especially the really spicy varieties.

    I was just thinking about what you said and realized my experience is almost the polar opposite of yours:

    1. I’ve never had a rude Indian host/hostess.
    2. Insects don’t particularly bother me.
    3. I’ve never been rushed to finish a meal.
    4. I like my food well done (BBQ burned is fine by me – I like a little broil on my char. 🙂
    5. I assume you are talking about 70s US decor? I think its the other way around. The 70’s imported a whole lot of cultural decor cues, including a large percentage of Asian/Indian themes to come up with their signature “style”…
    6. Smoke – well, it adds flavor 🙂
    7. The small mom and pop places are sometimes the best… Snoring family members and all… lol
    8. The strip mall thing, no argument, the vast majority of the ones I’ve been to have been in strip malls. Though I wouldn’t necessarily call that a negative. The precious few large Indian restaurant places I’ve been in looked nicer but did not have any better food…
    9. I tip large, and get whatever service I got before. (But it’s usually very good service.)
    10. Never actually heard anyone singing from the kitchen… But the people yelling and lots of pots and pan noises, Check.

    However I do love places that have the Bollywood/Bhangra music playing overhead… And they tend to be the smaller mom and pop strip mall places… lol…

    Perhaps you should try some completely different restaurants…? 🙂

    ROFL You’re beginning to remind me of Ferris Beullers sister… Don’t make me go all Charlie Sheen on you… 😛


    Phyreblade: I know…right? lol It’s just funny, my own hubris. I really thought it was aimed directly at me, personally. Like I mean that much here.


    nyokki: LOL wat? Like you mean that much here? What in the blazes are you talking about? Your MCS contributions are epic, legendary even…

    Wait… Erm…

    Actually, on second thought, I do not want to be in any way responsible for feeding your hubris. I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to take back everything I said.

    In fact, I shall insult you nao… You… you’re a… you…

    Dammit!! >:{


    I have Indian neighbors. I fucking LOVE their food, and so does my son. They give me some leftovers or invite me over at least weekly. I’ve had Indian out in town, and it sucks ass. So, unless you’ve had real Indian, it’s like calling Taco Bell Mexican food. Sorry to hear if you’ve had a bad experience, I think yo are missing out on some awesome food.

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