The Recently Deflowered Girl

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    1. suicydking says:

      Thank you, that made my day.

      I suggest that anyone passing through should go follow that link. This book is awesomely hilarious.

    2. I adore this, yes it made my day as well.

    3. outofocus says:

      @casemods: A woman who chooses to have sex is a slut? What century are you from?

    4. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      More proof that the ’60s were awesome.

    5. AgZed says:

      Sometimes I worry that people will see stuff like this and think the author was serious, because “old timey people didn’t have senses of humour”. I figure when nuclear missiles start pouring through time-portals, we’ll know the future has found 4chan.

    6. deleted_user says:

      @outofocus: When a girl has sex with multiple guys, she’s a slut. If it’s with the same guy then it’s not that bad.

    7. “Not that bad”? Wut. I suppose unless they’re having sex with you they’re all sluts. Amirite.

      Casemoods, you really need to tell me what you’re smoking and where can I get some of it.

    8. deleted_user says:

      It’s bad enough if a girls cooch is being rammed by one guy, it’s even worse if it’s by multiple guys.

      At least if it’s the same guy there is less chance of STD transmission because it’s only the 2 people, and the vagina walls will get used to the size of the penis. This is a good way to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

    9. @casemods: Are you being serious? You scare me. Like, I am really terrified now. Was that really necessary.

    10. outofocus says:

      @casemods: Ugh. You are so fucking ignorant. You have NO idea what you are talking about.

      I think Tiki should block you.

    11. deleted_user says:

      Are you saying that as “gee this guy is stupid”?

      If a girl is having sex with one guy, and the guy is only having sex with her, there is only the possibility of whatever they have, but if the girl or guy is having sex with multiple partners, there is a much higher chance of contracting something. I think that the more people you have sex with, the more vulnerable you are also, but I’m not sure…I can’t remember what I was reading/heard

    12. deleted_user says:

      @ the people with over 2000 member id’s…lol…

    13. deleted_user says:

      This site is what it is because of me! Without me, there would be nothing! NOTHING I SAY!

    14. @casemods: Get off your high horse there bro. You’re no Caio and you never will be.

    15. deleted_user says:

      @dieAntagonista: I’m talking about games. That’s where raging started. You can’t really “rage” on forums. It’s “trolling”.

      Having to wait 30 seconds to spawn on project reality and then immediately getting teamkilled over and over would cause one to build rage, not seeing stupid posts that you can just scroll over.

    16. @casemods: Well I sure am glad that you clarified that for me. Oh what would I do without you enlightened one.

      So what games are you talking about? There are no games on this site, so you can’t rage any more than I can. I’m a way better troll than you, because I don’t attract people through sheer stupidity. So there.

    17. deleted_user says:

      @dieAntagonista: Raging is from/came from games. I don’t see how anybody considers forum posts a type of raging. Like I said, it’s just text…etc…

      Ok, your cool cause your a troll…congratulations?

    18. @casemods: Hey there is this thing they invented, you should try it out sometime! I believe they call it: SARCASM.


      rage (plural rages)

      1. Violent uncontrolled anger

      Rage came from.. oh snap! The dictionary.
      Ok, you’re cool ’cause you’re a rager…congratulations?

      You give apathy a bad name. I hope you feel proud.

    19. @casemods: Is that the same reason why you keep replying to me (:

    20. deleted_user says:

      @dieAntagonista: No it’s cause your hot and I want to have sex with you.

    21. outofocus says:

      @casemods: Safe sex negates the need to be monogamous simply to avoid STDs. Sexual behavior is a personal decision, period.

      What makes something wrong, immoral, etc, should be relevant to how many people it is hurting. Sex is not inherently bad or dangerous and responsible actions and good communication keep it that way.

      There are people who deserve negative labels such as “slut” but a woman who simply has had more than one sexual partner is not one of those people.

      @dieAntagonista: I miss Caio. Where did he run off to? He was quite entertaining.

    22. deleted_user says:

      @nyokki: I don’t wait under a bridge for people to walk by, nyokki.

    23. Luke Magnifico says:

      @dieAntagonista: How is he meant to recognise sarcasm when you don’t give the sarcasm signal.


    24. Luke Magnifico says:

      Also, this is a little slutty. Notice how, in the case of the Marimba player, she’s just like, “Oh, so you’re married? Tell me, how did you accomplish that?” and not in a snide, insulting way.

      Or, going to the doctors, and having sex with a dude whose name she doesn’t know. I assume she’d know the name of her doctor.

      Having sex with what you thought is a ghost is ok though.

      Nothing slutty about sexing her penfriend Walter. They were even married at that stage. Though I don’t understand the purpose of the ruse.

    25. @outofocus: I don’t know. I miss Caio too. That was some quality trolling back then, at least. I’m just glad I came early enough on here to get the full Caio experience.

      @LukeV1-5: Haha yea believe it or not, I did think of using that symbol. But I couldn’t find the post where you used it and I was too lazy to look it up myself.
      Next time, for sure.

    26. nyoki says:

      @casemods: Yes you do. I’ve seen you.

      @dieAntagonista: Alt0182
      I thought I would miss Caio, but I don’t. I’d totally forgotten about him, til you guys brought his name up. I allowed him to do a bit of a number on me and am frankly a tad embarrassed by it.

    27. deleted_user says:

      @nyokki: Your taking the internet a bit too serious, don’t you think?

    28. nyoki says:

      @casemoods: You’re the one hiding under bridges.

    29. bluebec says:

      Urm… just to weigh in on the whole “slut” debate. Women can sleep with whoever they choose whenever they choose provided they’re not breaking any promises they’ve made to anyone else, just like men can.

      To say that a man who sleeps around is a stud and a woman in the same position a slut is pure hypocrisy.

      I have two male partners who I live with, I am the only person who can call me a slut. Everyone else can eat shit and die.

      Do all you men know the full name and other details of the women you’ve slept with?

    30. Luke Magnifico says:

      @bluebec: Fuck you. If a dude sleeps around, and cheats, then he’s a slut.

      Yes I know all the names and details of the women I’ve had sex with. Do you?

    31. What Luke said. He’s my new hero.

    32. bluebec says:

      Yes, I know all the names and details of all the women and men I’ve slept with.

      I’m just calling the general hypocrisy that men sleeping around (and I didn’t say anything about cheating) is ok and women doing the same is not.

      Its the whole Madonna vs whore debate.

      If there is cheating involved, then its not cool. I never said it was.

    33. deleted_user says:

      I’m one of those “exception” guys.

      I’ve only been with 2 women. I was completely honest with them.

      And yes, I know just about everything that my ex gf (the one I’m in love with) that she has offered to share with me.

      I’d rather be with one girl for a long period of time then just fuck a bunch of different girls.

    34. bluebec says:

      Excellent. My husband is somewhat of a slut (his own phrase) and my other husband is not. I would be considered a slut by some people, but really I’m not.

      I much prefer the sex and love thing combined together and I know women who aren’t fussed either way.

      I really do take exception that with them being called sluts though just because they like casual sex.

    35. deleted_user says:

      @bluebec: I would love to hear your complete story.

      IMO, casual sex = slut.

      Most girls would probably be reluctant to trade casual sex with very close friends, or for that matter, even stop subtle flirting (which is IMO, a form of cheating and dishonest to your partner) for a exclusive one on one relationship.

    36. bluebec says:

      My blog on polyamory –

      IMO casual sex = casual sex

      Why people have casual sex is up to them, and is no one else’s place to judge. If I ever use the term slut, I mean it as a positive thing, and not a negative thing at all. My definition refers to people who are very sex positive and sexually liberated. These are only negative things in sex negative cultures (such as the US and much less so Australia).

      “Most girls would probably be reluctant to trade casual sex with very close friends, or for that matter, even stop subtle flirting (which is IMO, a form of cheating and dishonest to your partner) for a exclusive one on one relationship.”

      A) substitute “guys” in that sentence and it is be equally true

      B) flirting is often unconscious and is part social conditioning and part social bonding – it is very difficult to avoid.

      IMO flirting is only considered cheating by your partner (not the person doing the flirting) and can be considered a form of insecurity in your partner. But really its between the two (or more) people to sort out what the boundaries of their relationship/s are. No relationships are ever identical after all, and what works for you, won’t necessarily work for anyone else.

    37. deleted_user says:

      @bluebec: I get what your saying, but you are basically just defending your position as a slut, no offense (you take the term as a compliment)

      Sex is fun and all, I agree, but love is a much more beautiful thing.

      My ex gf flirts with everyone, and I can tell you that she is not the type that is happy with one person. I disagree that it could be viewed as “social”. If a girl started flirting with me, and I was with someone I truly loved, I would have enough self control to not flirt with the person. Saying that flirting is just social is just an excuse at future casual (possibly and most likely) discreet relationship attempts.

      Yes, you can substitute males in that part, but really, there is a double standard. What’s ok for males to do isn’t really ok for females to do. One main thing to think about is how the vagina is a hole that can be stretched out.

    38. deleted_user says:

      @dieAntagonista: Apparently, something you can’t comprehend.

    39. bluebec says:

      @casemods: No, what I’m defending really is that I’m a) sex positive and b) polyamorous.

      And that the societal double standard with what men can get away with is unfair, when women are unequal in that equation.

      I have no fucking idea what you mean by “the vagina is a hole that can be stretched out”.

      I love both my husbands and I love my girlfriend. Just because I love more than one person doesn’t mean that I love any of them less. Love is not a starvation economy. These relationships are not for sex, they are actually for love. I wouldn’t be with any of them if I didn’t love them.

      So your ex is possibly polyamorous, good for her. I’m guessing you weren’t happy with that, and that’s ok too.

      And yes, flirting is social. If the person being flirted with ends up cheating on their partner, then that’s their weakness/problem/issue/whatever and for them to sort out. If my partners wanted me to stop flirting with people (which I don’t do over much anyway) then I’d tell them where to get off. Unless of course that was something we’d agreed to.

      However, any jealousy on my partner’s behalf is actually their problem, and although I’d be supportive, it is not my role to change my behaviour to stop them being jealous. It is their role to address the issues that make them jealous inside themselves.

      Surely its complimentary to see that others are interested in your partner and that although they flirt back, they come back to you and sleep in your bed and love you…

      Oh and by the way, I don’t necessarily take the term slut as a compliment if it isn’t meant that way.

    40. @casemods: I can comprehend very well. You are afraid of stretching vagina walls.

      It’s called


    41. deleted_user says:

      @bluebec: To reply to one of many of your points:

      Sex; pleasure, is directly related to love. If you stopped having sex altogether, would you still have the love? If you never had sex with your husbands and your girlfriend, would you have ever gained the love?

      I never had any feeling for my ex gf, until we had sex.

      I also get what your saying about messing around, but then coming back to me and sleeping in the same bed with me. I wouldn’t mind if she was honest, which she’s not being. She’s insulting my intelligence by lying to me about things that I can tell are not truths, and that makes me believe that she has no respect or true love for me. I know that some people just don’t have feelings and like to have lots of sex, and that’s fine for anyone who wants to have sex with my ex gf, but I would just appreciate if she would tell me everything without fear of judgment. That’s a true relationship without games.

    42. deleted_user says:

      @dieAntagonista: No, I am not. Quite the contrary actually. I’m just saying it’s bad for a female to have lots of sex because it stretches the vagina walls.

    43. bluebec says:

      Love, sex and pleasure are combined. They can live without each other though.

      For example: I fell in love with my second husband 3 years before we had sex. I was falling in love with my girlfriend before we had sex and my husband and I loved each other before we had sex.

      So yes, I had the love before the sex.

      Dishonesty is a big problem, and I agree completely with your issues in relation to your ex lying to you. If any of my partners seriously lied to me I’d break up with them. Trust is very important, and if that is broken beyond repair, then the relationship (at least in my shoes) is likely to break beyond repair as well.

      Oh and I _hate_ game playing.

    44. bluebec says:

      Oh wow (in relation to stretching vaginas). What do you think that childbirth does to a woman?

      Women are built stretchy.


      Of course you love one less. Since you obviously haven’t married your girlfriend yet.

      Wait what. Wtf is wrong with you people.

      Polyamorous? Sorry but no, it’s called being promiscuous. You can twist the truth all you want, and use subtle words, but you still are what you are.

    46. bluebec says:

      *laugh* Oh if it were only true.

      Now lets find dictionary definitions where possible:

      1. having many sexual partners.
      2. indiscriminate; without discrimination: promiscuous with one’s praise.
      3. consisting of parts, elements, or individuals of different kinds brought together without order: a promiscuous heap of cutlery.
      4. unrestrained: promiscuous gossip.

      I don’t know if 3 counts as many… but if it does then I succeed on that point and fail all the rest.

      And yes, you’re right I haven’t married my girlfriend yet, but our relationship is MUCH younger than the other two relationships, and I don’t know anyone who jumps to marriage straight away in a relationship.

      Now polyamory:

      the mating pattern of having a number of sexual partners at the same time.

      Thanks to the Macquarie Dictionary.

      If you go to wikipedia:

      Discusses casual sex with many partners and sex with partners not your spouse.

      Discusses ethical non-monogamy.

      You judge and say I’m promiscuous… I don’t care. You don’t know me from a bar of soap (as they say). However, I don’t consider myself promiscuous given that I actually am very discriminating when I come to my partners and am very faithful to them.

      In the end its all semantics. I’m not going to change your mind and you’re not going to change mine.

    47. nyoki says:

      @casemods: If you think the vagina is a hole that can be stretched, then your woman needs a lesson or two about vaginal exercises and muscle manipulation to keep it supple and firm. Perhaps if you did something besides put-in-thrust-3-times-and-fall-out it wouldn’t be stretching or…it’s not her fault that you’re a needle-dick.

    48. I didn’t mean you, but casemoods’ ex girlfriend. You said she’s probably polyamorous. Well I say that’s not true.

      And those definitions are nice and all, but I don’t believe in that. You can do whatever you want and I’m not going to tell you what you can or can’t do.

      BUT, I think that kind of love is only possible between two people. Do you have kids? I hope you don’t. Those kind of relationships are harmful to so many people. I can’t believe you’re together with 3 people.

    49. deleted_user says:

      @dieAntagonista: “Polyamorous? Sorry but no, it’s called being promiscuous. You can twist the truth all you want, and use subtle words, but you still are what you are.”

      I couldn’t agree more. Not just with sex, but with everything…you can call it what you want, but it is what it is.

    50. Also, Vaginawallstretchphobia.

    51. deleted_user says:

      @bluebec: Well, actually that is quite true and I see how they are different.

      My ex gf is promiscuous and your polyamorous.

      That’s assuming your not a liar like she is 😉

    52. And Nyokki is my hero also. But that’s old news. She’s like, my permanent-role-model-woman. Ever since she made me change my mind on some things.

    53. bluebec says:

      Its funny when polyamorous relationships break down and people say, “See, I told you that polyamory doesn’t work.”

      Its never the reverse when a monogamous relationship breaks down… people never say, “See, I told you that monogamy doesn’t work.”

      I do not currently have children, I might one day (though the biological clock is busy ticking away). It take a village to raise a child after all, and I have one set up around me as it is.

      diAntagonista: you may believe that that kind of love is only possible between two people, and it would most certainly be true for you. But I’m not you, and I love each of my partners equally, passionately and forever.

      I’m a different type of person to you. I’m not judging you and your experiences of monogamy, calling you weak or closed-minded. If monogamy makes you happy, then that’s fantastic. I’m not monogamous, so it doesn’t work for me, and my current set up makes me blissfully happy.

    54. nyoki says:

      Where’d my posts go?

    55. nyoki says:

      Is it time sensitive? If I take too long to type it out, I lose it?

      Ah well, here it goes…again.

      Wow, this thread went somewhere unexpected.
      I know polyamorous relationships work for some people. Cool I just added polyamorous to the dictionary) I’ve seen no evidence that the love between them is any less than monogamous partners. In fact, I’d say the opposite. People who follow “alternate” lifestyles are keenly aware that it is different and judged in a way that “normal” relationships are not. They take care to nurture the relationship, are more likely to discuss problems and attempt to work it out. I have more in common w/ old people and people w/ alternate lifestyles. There are so few people my age that have been married 10 years, let alone 25.

    56. nyoki says:

      I prefer not to be judged by people who are not acquainted w/ or have negative opinions of my lifestyle. Hubby and I have dealt w/ things that have sent others to divorce court. We work through it, always have. It’s always been me and him, together, doing whatever needs to be done for us to be happy together and raise kids that are well equipped to leave the house and enter society as fully functioning adults. I hate to see how some people screw w/ their kids’ minds and send mental and emotional cripples out into the world.
      So, casemoods, you seem very judgmental w/ little experience. You just know these things? Someone tell you what is a slut or promiscuous woman? Why do you believe your ideas to be so true that you spout such categorical imperatives?

    57. nyoki says:

      Now it’s telling me I’ve got duplicate posts, but I don’t see the last bit.

    58. I didn’t judge you. I didn’t call you weak or close-minded. In fact I believe you’re too open-minded. I don’t judge anyone seriously based on text on the Internet. That was judging on your part.

      Fact is, relationships like yours, almost guarantee to harm the feelings of other people. That’s all I said. I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that.

    59. nyoki says:

      I hope a whole bunch of my attempted posting doesn’t show up an hour from now.

    60. @nyokki: I’ve had the same problem. Don’t worry, MCS ate your comments up for good.

    61. nyoki says:

      @dieAntagonista: At least it’s not just me. I’ve used forums that “lose” the post if you take too long. I was writing and talking at the same time, so it sat there for 10-15 minutes before I actually submitted it.

    62. bluebec says:

      dieAntagonista – Fact is, relationships guarantee harm to the feelings of other people period. Regardless of the type of relationship, relationships can hurt, love can hurt, people can hurt.

      Monogamy isn’t any better than polyamory just because it’s societally accepted.

      Can one be too open minded?

      Thank you nyokki for your comments.

    63. outofocus says:

      @bluebec: “ts funny when polyamorous relationships break down and people say, “See, I told you that polyamory doesn’t work.”

      Its never the reverse when a monogamous relationship breaks down… people never say, “See, I told you that monogamy doesn’t work.””

      That’s not true! I say that. :p I have no plans of spending the rest of my life with someone else. I’m happy alone and am content to share bits and pieces of my life when it’s mutually beneficial but I just don’t buy into the idea that in order to be a happy, healthy person one must follow the American dream recipe.

      I have several friends that are poly. I know of one relationship in which two marriages are involved (so four people). They’ve been together for a long time and are happy, functional, very interesting people.

      Poly isn’t for me, in that I do not have the energy to give to multiple people… but I have been in situations where my partner had another partner and I was okay with that as long as he was honest (he wasn’t, so I dropped him).

      One can only be too open minded when they reach the point that they’ve become closed minded again.

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