Hansi – the girl who loved the swastika

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    Wait, did that just compare her patriotism for the United States to the Patriotism of being a nazi and how they could both easily be wrong?


    Damn those commie hunting idiots in congress after WW2 for forcing that line into the Pledge. DIDN’T FUCKING WORK, DID IT McCARTHY YOU FUCK.


    lol wut?


    SumoSnipe: Uh… it totally worked. Now we can find the terrists by making them say the pledge. If they say under Allah instead of under God they are the bad guys. IT’S BRILLIANT!! Pledge FTW!!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Under God” wasn’t adding to the Pledge until 1958. So according to this, before 1958, WE WERE EXACTLY LIKE THE NAZIS!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Also the 1958 issue calls into question how an elementary school girl, who grew up in Nazi Germany would be saying the Pledge in what still appears to be an elementary school.


    Look closer, reboot. She has boobies. I do think she is the schoolmarm.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    SumoSnipe: OK I’ll buy that explanation.




    If you changed the text, it could look like she’s having an orgasm.

    Billy Manic

    dieAntagonista: Someone get to it, quick!

    General X

    This is so wrong on so many levels.


    reboot: Yup. All a part of the McCarthyist bullshit. The whole propaganda hype that anyone who wasn’t a Christian was a dirty Commie and should be brought before a kangaroo court to be sentenced on unconstitutional bullshit charges.
    Sad part? The Patriot Act is the same bullshit all over again. Just replace “Commie” with “Terrorist”.


    The families of 90,000 Iraqi civilians killed by the USA wouldn’t see much of a dfference.


    Alte: Got mittens?


    natedog: Haha omg wtf. That’s almost kinda creepy. Natedog you psychic man you.


    I’d say replace ‘non-democrat’ with ‘terrorist’

    the americans have a long and proud history of attacking anyone who wont drop what they have and accept what they believe in

    History has shown us that they cast out anyone who acts differently, its just gone from the old days of “BURN THE WITCH” up to the new “SHOOT THE TERRORIST”


    Is this from one of those religious zealot comics?
    I saw one about a WWII Japanese fighter ace , Pearl Harbor attacker, who got right with Jebus floating around in the Pacific after getting shot down.

    Looks like the same kinda thing.

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