Bring me Solo and The Wookie

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They will pay for this outrage!

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    you like to watch sci-fiiii i’m a big nerd, so G-T-F-O a rebel base is what Darth Vader wants his kid’s a bitch, so let’s trash Alderon iiiiiiii don’t want to go to fucking tatooine gotta get to Coruscant never gonna leave the dark side never gonna make it right never gonna bring a balance to the galaxy never gonna kill Darth Sid never gonna save my kid never gonna help the rebel alliance we’ve known each other for–nevermind they killed padme and then stole my kids i never knew that you were on tatooine or that you had a… Read more »


    hopefully you guise can figure out what song this is to the tune of

    Luke Magnifico

    I can’t.

    Luke Magnifico


    Wait I got it

    I think I hate you, Natedog


    I got it



    I gave it my own tune, and also decided that it was a group chanting the ends of most of the lines.


    You suck natedog. Every time I get that song outta my head, some dick puts it back in.



    Damn you Nyokki! You made me rembmer! And I had this cool kid indie track playing behind it my head. FUCK!


    @RSIxidor: See what I mean? It’s contagious.


    This made me laugh really hard. And I totally got natedog-rolled. Fank you very much.


    WOW it took me a while to get the melody, but after I did, lulz were had.


    @nyokki: Be mean. Share the misery, because I don’t know what song.


    @SumoSnipe: You’ve never been Rick-rolled?
    Today’s your lucky day.


    @SumoSnipe: Damnit! Now it’s in my again. Must fi n d som th ing


    @nyokki: Wow. No wonder I didn’t cath it. Thanks for the flashback to my middle school days…here. have some Joan Jett. this should get Rick out of your head.