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From the inimitable Jim Woodring:


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    Thanks to HoChunk for making me familiar with Jim Woodring. Never heard of this guy before. Neat picture.




    Another Jim Woodring legacy is the art for the webcomic Jerkcity.


    you dream this stuff when youre stoned right?

    then again, most of your dreams would be scary **** Dieantagonista


    @...KommissarKvC: Actually, I can’t remember the last time I was stoned. Alcohol has become my primary way of making the world more tolerable. But I have a job and I’m going to school so I have to act responsibly. You know, I liked absurdity and abstract art for as long as I can remember. And my imagination allows me to feel like Alice in Wonderland whenever I want. So what about you. I understand you have a problem with most governments, which I like. But when was the last time you did something crazy? Do you ever have any funny… Read more »


    oh no, i dont think strange things, but then, not everyone considers the desire to be a Dark Judge and bring proper Justice to the world, as normal

    That or if the Gargoyles were real, id be trying to make a play for Demona, is that not normal?


    The first thing is not normal, because not everyone cares about justice. You understand what I mean? If not almost everyone does it, then it’s not considered normal.

    The second thing is definitely not normal but you finally proved to me that you’re human.

    I like dark judges.


    This reminds me of the work of another artist, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen this style before…


    how was I not human before?

    and why is it that you are against my hatred of those which are not human yet pretend to be, but seem to support my affection for she that is not human and accepts that she is not


    Wait… wat?

    You guise hate non-humans? Oh so that’s how is? It’s all gud just so long as you’re human? Man, that’s hella specist…

    How, exactly, are those of us who are not human supposed to feel about that?

    I thought you people were cool… That’s just wrong yo… 😛


    I dont hate all non-humans, just the racial fails that pretend to be human

    as for non-humans like Gargoyles, Daemonettes, etc, they can be okay


    @...Phyreblade: Haha wut. I’m assuming you’re kidding here because I don’t understand what you’re talking about at all. @...KommissarKvC: I didn’t say you weren’t human before. All I meant is that your opinions I’ve heard so far, didn’t make me think of you as an actual person. You have to admit, your perspective on the world and the people is pretty cold. But things like that with the gargoyle makes you seem like someone I would like to have an actual conversation with. And ah yes, I see what you did there. Too bad that I don’t have anything against… Read more »


    LOL Yeah… I guess I occasionally phail at teh humor.

    And what’s wrong with talking about gargoyles… They’re cool…


    Phyreblade: Haha naw, you’z teh funniez. For the most part.

    A gargoyle is fine too.

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