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For the life of me, I can\’t decide which is creepiest

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    I don’t understand this ‘fear of clowns’ thing.


    I think it goes back to the time when I went to the circus and a clown killed my Dad.

    Alec Dalek

    I don’t understand how some people DON’T find clowns creepy. Please explain.


    A clown to me signifies happiness and comedy through over exaggerated antics. They’ve got that big smile on their face, they wear big shoes, they pretty much act like one of the Three Stooges. I find them funny.

    I’m not afraid of spiders, but I can understand why someone would be. The fear of being bit, the lack of human facial expression, the way they move is completely differnt from a mamal…

    So… I don’t find clowns creepy. Your turn to explain.


    I’m going w/ #3 or #4 is creepiest.
    @Neuromancer: Clowns are creepy because of the caricature of a happy human. It’s fake. Oh and haven’t you seen Killer Clowns and House of 1000 corpses?


    A clown to me signifies absurdity and tragedy through over exaggerated antis. They’re usually old men with too much make up on, they wear strange suits that accentuates their usually plump figure. They pretty much act like Michael Jackson. I find them creepy. On a serious note, I actually love Michael. And I think it’s because there are so many creepy interpretations of a clown out there. The book IT by Stephen King. The Joker in the Batman stories. Even the Penguin kind of reminds me of a Clown. I was terrified beyond comprehension by the Penguin as a child.… Read more »


    err make that #2 or #3


    Quite simple.

    We’re not pussies.


    I’m a fan of most of Rob’s work but I laughed at House of 1000 about half way through and left the theater.

    I haven’t see Killer Clowns, because… well that movie just sounds silly.


    After I watched Poltergiest, dad had to check under my bed for that goddamn clown everynight. I had kept that memory repressed for nearly 25 years. Thanks assholes.



    But it is GREAT. House of 1000 corpses was hilarious! Best comedy I saw that month.

    And to bring me to the real point:

    None of these clowns (except the last one) are creepy. These are monsters. Monsters aren’t real. Clowns are. Real clowns are the creepy ones. Most coulrophobics (I have a friend who is seriously one)are not scared of shit like this. You can tell its fake, so its not as creepy.

    tiki god


    I agree on all points, carry on


    3 and 5


    I don’t fear clowns. I hate them. I hate them so much that I consider extravagant violence against them as not only understandable, but also necessary.


    @natedog: Mask – Can tell its not real.

    If 1 and 4 are regular fucking clowns, then they are creepy, I’ll admit. But they look monster-like to me. At the very least they are attempting to be creepy, and clowns attempting to be creepy isn’t what creeps my friend out, its clowns being clowns.


    The clown that was on The Sarah Jane Adventures in Season 2 was actually pretty creepy. Clowns fill me with an urge to hit them with stuff… not fear.


    What the fuck is that tikis family?


    Clowns now appear. They are all carrying knives and cups of gasoline. “Tonight is our death.” The clowns then begin to slash each other… The skies open up, the flames pour in… The world watched in awe. MESMERIZED. The populations soon follow the clown’s lead. Death is in the air. The three adults once again start talking… They ask questions of faith and love. “We shall live past these days, rid of all we’ve done.” I see what they mean now… but the wretched smell has overcome… I am gone… THE BABY BORN WITH THE END OF THE WORLD… Awake…… Read more »


    I really decide which creepier… I can see the little girl hating clowns the rest of her life though…


    Bah… I really *can’t* decide…


    I’ll go with Clown #2 because he’s attached to fish hooks; the rest are posers making scary faces compared to that.

    Billy Manic

    While I agree that several of these images are in fact, quite creepy, I generally don’t find clowns to be all that scary. I can tolerate being around regular clowns.


    @outofocus: There was a season 2? I haven’t caught that yet.


    @nyokki: I stumbled upon it two weeks ago. Downloaded it and my son and I bulldozed through it in about a week. :] It’s a silly show but when one is waiting for Torchwood and the Doctor, it’s nice to have even some crumbs.

    Did you see who the new Doctor is going to be? He’s painful on the eyes but looks like he’s got a lot of personality.


    @outofocus: Torrent here I come. No I haven’t seen the new doc. Time to check scifi chan page.

    MonkeyHitman the best fucking clown ever, no body will beat him


    @ColombianMonkey: “Homey don’t play dat…” ROFL… WIN.


    Homey the Clown
    Don’t mess around
    Even tho da man
    try to keep him down

    Alec Dalek

    @Dreth: I find them creepy, not scary, like when you see a vagina.


    That IS creepy. I might think about clowns tomorrow night.


    I hate them all.