Playstation 3 quotes

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Sony Wow. Just wow.

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    Fuck yeah! Although my ps3 has a belly ache. The blu ray drive decided to fry, but that’s what i would expect considering i had it running almost 24/7.


    Playstation 2 is the best console. Conversation over.


    599 is for the 160 gb bundle also.


    @Puulaahi: Atari 2600 beyoch!

    I have a soft spot for the Sega Master System. Mmmhmm.

    I had no interest in the PS3 until I played Little Big World. I love that game so much! Thankfully I have a friend who has it so I just go to her house and play.


    @outofocus: N64 suckuh!


    I really hate my xbox360 at this point. No point having fantastic games if the hardware breaks over and over again…


    I actually like my ps3 more than my 360. It also helps that it never scratched the fuck out of my discs, ruining half my games. The last point, however is kinda relevant recently. No huge crashes yet, but I guess it could be possible with enough work:

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “The PS3 is not a game machine”
    That explains why there are no games for the PS3.


    DUDE!!!! the N64 is da SHIT!!!!! Smash bros, Mario 64, Mario Kart, 007 Goldeneye, ZELDA!!!!!
    NOW, the conversations over


    Anything after SEGA Genesis is utter shit, mainly targeted at “ohmygod polygonz” whores.


    @Kurtt: we’ve actually had our 360 scratch up a few of our games a bunch really deeply, but you can take them to gamestop or gamecrazy and ask if they have a disc resurfacer… that thing works wonders. and they can resurface dvds and cds and stuff too.


    What the hell? Is there not even going to be any thought or glimmer of the God like status that was the NES or the SNES? ESPECIALLY the SNES?!? I’ll take my Super Metroid over Call of Duty 7 any day ever.


    @multi_masked: I liked Zoop


    Or was it Zool?


    @vutterfly: Don’t stand the 360 on end. I don’t know if you all were or not, but it’s a guaranteed scratch on the disc if you do.

    I haven’t actually seen anyone play Little Big Planet, but I’m intrigued. it looks genuinely fun. But I have to ask, is it really that much better than Garry’s Mod? I mean, I built some sweet stuff in Garry’s Mod. Helicopters, tanks, forts, catapults, and my melon dispenser of doom…


    ….. New plan for world domintation. Steal large shipments of PS3s, wire them together, and then into my internet plug in. Proceed to crash entire internets, every VPN, and governmental infrastructure system at a time. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Never had a single problem with my 360 (crosses fingers).

    If you pussies want to bond over nostalgia then the best game system was the mother fuckering ColecoVision.

    PS3 is so good you’re not even allowed to play it. Just give Sony your money and look at it. 😐

    PS2 vs Xbox – PS2 wins
    PS3 vs 360 – 360 wins. All for pretty much the same reasons.


    I think it was Super Putty.


    I love my PS3. I just started playing the game oblivion and it is the shit.

    Alec Dalek

    For all the braying morons complaining about scratched 360 discs: Don’t move the device while the disc is spinning, idiot!

    The only thing Microsoft did wrong was not design it so people could swing the console around while PLAYING IT! But I guessed they figured Sony & Nintendo nerds would be smart enough to know about centrifugal forces. They were wrong.


    What are you smoking? The ps3 is: 80gb new 399 160gb new 499 80gb used 379 60 gb 100% BC is 449 so i call bullshit on this whole post. a) the price is phail b) i demand proof of the quotes, as far as i am concerned this is just some microsoft fanboy spreading more fun rumors…. i have never once heard any of this from ken kutaragi or anyone with sony. I work for Game-Stop directly. In fact today my boss, the CEO of game-stop said the ps3 is a phenomenal system, its incredible, but yes, the prices… Read more »


    I remember when buying a console was just a console, not a cheap imitation of a PC.

    Hard-Drives, wireless, multi-media crap

    If you shell out that much money for worthless pieces of hardware that are mainly geared for playing games that cost like 20% the console’s price (everyone wants to buy them the first day to come out), might as well build your own computer with even more chances of outlasting the console wars.