I ♥ it in the _____.

ILuv.jpg (29 KB)

I ♥ index finger, ‘okay’ hand-signal.

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    withered spyryt

    The pink stains make it ever so much more trashy…
    I’ll take a pass

    withered spyryt

    btw is this a Neuromancer theme day …. or is tiki just attempting to make up for smarts suppression on earlier post ?


    looks like something amy winehouse would use…


    I like that the tshirt is semi see through too.


    I don’t ♥ terrible ink.


    I don’t love the word “ink”
    I have tattoos.
    I don’t have ink. Ink sounds like the ultimate in “I got tattooed to get girls!”
    …. Oh gawd I am Inked!!

    Pistol + Head = solution!


    Wow. Classy.


    I have a tshirt that says “I ♥ (venus symbol)” it was my favorite to the point i wore it out, and now it is too thread bare to wear in public without undue stares.

    Also, i second the strong dislike of the word “inked”. It really lends a sense of meaninglessness to the art. My own tattoos are deeply personal and spiritual; symbols of life aspects i would die for. (but instead live for)


    @ withered spyryt
    No shit its Neuromancer theme day…


    @withered spyryt: lrn2 see-thru-shirt


    @Putridity: @sylvanish:

    My company creates synthetic skin, and I hold patents in tissue regeneration procedures, bio-aesthetics and cellular technology. I have seen the worst things imaginable, through birth defects, by accident, disease, etc.

    People take skin for granted.

    I acknowledge your right to draw “personal and spiritual” shit all over your body, but that doesn’t mean I’ll respect you for it. And I’ll call it whatever the fuck I want.


    @flintlocke: I don’t understand your attitude. Everyone who has normal whatever takes it for granted. That’s a good thing. It’s a wonderful thing you do that allows those w/ disfigured skin to be able to enjoy (and perhaps take for granted some day) what everyone else feels. We do all kinds of things to our bodies to better show ourselves off and we’ve been doing it for tens of thousands of years.


    @flintlocke Woah! Hold up there bucko. Tattoos are not taking skin for granted. I allow the concession that some idiots would get a tribal armband and other, just as rediculous ones. But using the skin as a canvas to express oneself does not constitute to inappreciation of flesh. If anything I love my skin all the more now that I have my tattoos. You may not like the idea. But calling down tattooing for being any less than the art it is is calling down art itself. on a lighter note. I start work in 19 minutes and I am… Read more »


    Then maybe don’t get uppity because I call it “ink” instead of “wondrous and profound body paintings” or whatever.

    If you want to call it “art”, then also accept that art is subjective.

    And if I hadn’t seen so many humans between age 20 and 30 trying to get that “art” removed, I’m sure I’d be more fascinated by it.


    Wondrous and profound body paintings?
    I never said such a thing…. Although I wish I had…
    I shall have to be original (btw by my order that word is now pronounces Ori-Ginal) and come up with a beautiful description for the painful experience.
    how about…
    Skin pigment re-allignment to better express the soul contained within the newly beautificated organ.

    I like it? Do I get a cookie?


    @Putridity: U can haz a cookie but i eated it.


    Why did I bother using punctuation?


    Clearly the cacophany common comma’s cause, creates clarity, calm and calcification



    I imagine anyone who’d want to get rid of their tattoo didn’t put much thought into it before getting inked. Those who do think about it (beyond “I just want one”—a response I hear a lot among my students) get tattooed because they appreciate the art and its meaning. You call it what you want—art, ink, tatt—but clearly you’re both arguing about different things. Some tattoos are attached to idiots making regrettable fashion statements and life choices; others are put on people who appreciate a specific form of art.


    Also I like see-thru shirt; the pink Kool-Aid stains only enhance the hotness of this faceless girl.




    I really just wants my cookie by Nyokki eated it.

    Blood fued has begun…

    … Red cells vs White.

    Red has numbers, But white is tougher.

    Who will win?


    @rattybad: I wasn’t arguing about anything until people took undue offense to the term “ink”, as though I threw stones at the entire bloody culture with a mere turn of phrase.

    I may not be keen on the notion proper, but I will admit to seeing tattoos I would consider impressive, or at least intriguing. Definitely the exception and not the rule. However, if I think a tattoo is rubbish, I’m certainly not going to refer to it as “art”.


    And yet strangely “white on White” is in the Louvre.


    @Putridity: Nice alliteration.

    ur cookiez wuz tasteez i eated all themz


    Rarg no!

    Why does everything come back to lolcats?

    are they a supreme force?


    @Putridity: I for one welcome our lolcat overlords.


    @Putridity: Yes. Yes dey r. ALL HALE SEELING CAT!!!


    @nyokki: we haz must speak liek dem an be gud servantzes


    @Putridity: ZOMG! Can uze imaginz it.

    Lol, I don’t think I could keep it up…z.