“The Ship of Gold”

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The sinking of the Central America in an 1857 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean was one of the worst peacetime tragedies of men, ship, and gold lost at sea. Over 425 men and many tons of gold were thought to have been lost forever.

In 1989, the Ship of Gold and her cargo of San Francisco gold coins were finally discovered and retrieved from the bottom of the ocean.

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    Wholeheartedly recommend “Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea”, the story of the sinking of the ship (the description of the attempts to save the ship and the bucket brigade still chills me) and it’s eventual discovery and recovery of the gold. Great tale.

    Luke Magnifico

    Who names their ship “Central America”?


    @LukeV1-5: Rich dead people.


    @Puulaahi: White Rich Dead People….. if it was african it would be “PIMP EXPRESS”


    i have no idea why i just said that…


    “QUICK! TO FORT KNOX!!!!!”