Ultimate Cartoon Boxing Match

epic-boxing.jpg (266 KB)

Let\’s see who can name them all!

I can\’t remember the names of only a few of them, especially that stupid overgrown baby duck.

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    Baby Huey.

    Also, why is Batman Beyond there, but not the original? And for that matter, Superman? Is Terry the sole representative of the DCAU?


    Bugs would win


    The Tick would destroy all!


    Fairy God Parentz RULEZ @!!!!!!!


    Odds on the Bunny to win.


    Laying my money on Bugs.


    @Ren: You and the others clearly missed that episode where Homer became a pro boxer. He’d totally win.


    @NoOneInParticular: Au Contraire, I did indeed see that episode… So he can’t get knocked out, but he can’t draw a circle in the ground and make you fall through it either… 😛


    Any one else notice that goku’s there?


    Time Squad! YES.


    they have freakazoid but no candleja


    Who’s that yellow dude near Popeye?


    yogi and boo boo; fat albert and the gang; powerpuff girls/mojo jojo; joe cool; genie; harley quinn; samurai jack; muttley and the stop that pigeon gang?, G Force; popeye; optimus prime; some hannah barbera fags; rugrats, spengebab, sandy; fairly odd partens, the tick, gir, space ghost, vageta, pikachu, pinky and the brain, batman, beavis and butthead, pap smurf, jay without silent bob; the herculoids; mighty mouse, bugs bunny, homer j. simpson, the animaniacs, scooby doo and friends, grape ape, donald duck and his nephews, ren and stimpy, the schoolhouse rock train engineer, woody woodpecker, freakazoid, flintstones, jetsons, baby huey i… Read more »


    they should have had some of the characters from Dungeons & Dragons


    @natedog: That would be Johnny Bravo, not Joe Cool.


    @wartoaster: Fail meme is fail. You have to say Candlejack’s full name before he ca


    @natedog: nice list, but of course you missed a few that I couldn’t get either.

    Can anyone name these?
    -the cowboy character behind Joe Cool
    -the 3 pupil-less characters in front of samurai jack
    -the squirrel in front of Scooby-doo,
    -the hannah barbera cat by donald’s nephews
    -the pervy looking guy behind baby huey

    I’ll add M is for Monkey and the bill from capitol hill, and that is muttley and dick dastardly, but its from wacky racers


    HEY!!!!! Where’s Courage?!?


    Is that one of the goofy gophers in front of scooby doo, or Chip and Dale maybe?
    It looks like Magilla Gorilla by Donald’s nephews.


    @nyokki: I’d prolly go with Dale on the chipmunk, since he isn’t wearing a fedora…

    I’ve seen the cowboy character and the red fox or whatever it is before, just can’t place them…

    As for the pupil less kids, I haven’t a clue…


    Its not Chip or Dale; I’ve seen him before – I just can’t place him.
    And yeah, I’ve seen the Hannah-Barbera Cat (fox? wolf? lion?) before too, I first mistook him for Snagglepuss. I’m still googling around for him.


    Found the squirrel! His name is Screwy Squirrel. He’s a Tex Avery creation from the 40’s

    I’m putting way too much time into this, but its a good challenge.


    based on a real 70’s comic, Superman vs Muhammad Ali



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