The Undertaker – Old School

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Back when gimmicks were cool, and he looked like a real dead man instead of a retired roadie with black eyeliner.

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    Luke Magnifico

    Gimmicks are still cool.

    Wrestling no longer has any good gimmicks.


    What a gay ass tie. Kind of a My Chemical Romance vibe there.


    Favourite wrestler when I was a kid, by far


    XJC: I’m just waiting for some old school WWF fans to rage over that comment.


    Back when the WWF used to be cool, now it just sucks


    Azar: I concur.


    Azar: Ditto. I miss old school Hulk Hogan. Rowdy Roddy Piper. Capt. Lou. Andre the Giant. Back when WWF was actually entertaining. Undertaker was one of the last great characters.

    Then…they stopped being characters so much as meatheaded pigs.


    They’re not even really “characters” anymore…


    Forget WWF and even WCW. Heck, even before ECW. How about some love for WCCW? That shit rocked. Von Erichs and the Fabulous Fuckin’ Freebirds!

    Matches with car keys on a pole and everyone fighting to get them, so far as damn near yanking a dude’s tights off. Triple level cage match with doors opening at odd intervals. And the joy of the Freebird rule to truly foul up the day of the faces ’cause the heels were just too fun.


    4 Horsemen FTW!!


    dtepes: Indeed.Freebirds were the the best heels ever.
    Gouki4u: Old school WWF fan here… he is right. The tie and the gloves were gay.
    How to improve the WWE:
    1. Broadcast Lillian Garcia singing more often.
    2. Less yakkin, more smackin.
    3. Less McMahon family ‘drama’ on air.
    4. less yakkin, more smackin.
    5. More decent women werstlers, less divas.
    6. If you gonna have divas, then bring back the Nitro Dance Girls.
    7. Cut back to 4 pay per views a year.
    But hey what do I know? I’m just a fan.



    1 and 6 seem to conflict with 2 and 4, and 3 has pretty much been taken care of in recent years.

    I agree with 5, though. This is where TNA wins hands down.

    And no way is 7 gonna fly today. Fans are WAY too impatient for months-long storyline buildups anymore, sadly.


    3 may be coming back all to soon, unfortunately. The women wrestlers are getting better.

    The WWE is starting to use longer storylines, if you notice this new Legacy gimmick has been evolving since Summerslam, and the HBK-Ric Flair-Jericho thing went from Wrestlemania all the way to Survivor Series.


    Lillian singing the Star Spangled Banner is not yakkin. Gillian Hall screeching, Jericho whining, any time Orton opens his yap, and Dolf Ziggeler? there is 15 minutes wasted that could have been someone stompin a mudhole and walking it dry. I’m all for storylines, wrestling is my favorite soap opera, but puh-leeeze! stop taking 5 minutes to say ” I’m gonna kick your ass!” And DO IT!


    He was such a popular character the WWF eventually turned him “good.” Also, who could forget Paul Bearer? God, I miss the old days when wrestling was fun to watch.


    I actually liked the old school undertaker…

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