Know your kryptonite!

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You never know when you\’ll need this information.

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    “deadly only to plant life of any world”

    Only, lol


    Yea, I knew this. Saved my ass a few times.


    what about black kryptonite?

    I tried to brush up on my kryptonite types about 5 years back, but the way they describe gold k is how they describe black k in smallville.

    Now to preempt a possible shit storm, Smallville has raped comic superman, but has caused confusion for us youngins nonetheless.

    Luke Magnifico

    I used to watch Smallville.

    It’s OK if you concentrate really hard on pretending it’s not Superman, for the first couple of seasons.

    But then there were caves, and there was a Justice League of some kind, and I was like, Fuck this, I’m leaving.

    Luke Magnifico

    Seriously, what was up with the caves?


    @HoChunk: Ah yes, the infamous XLax-K…


    @LukeV1-5: EXACTLY! I had this conversation with my girlfriend and said exactly what you just said word for word. I actually almost bought what season 1 was selling. Outragously slow and id expect more from superman than a freak of the week plot, but whatever. Then it all went to shit. The caves where the reason I stopped watching, but my stepdad had the entire run so far on dvd so i ended up watching the rest because I was bored as fuck. I enjoyed them if I did my best to make different names for each of the characters… Read more »