Carrier Kicks

carriercatapultsford.jpg (125 KB)

IIRC the source said it was a Ford Fairlane getting launched.

Everything about this pic I can understand except one thing: How do you justify to the brass bringing it aboard in the first place?

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    tiki god

    oh man, that’s not funny, I think this is how the Stig died.


    The scientific response to this is: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


    Poor poor Stig, he died for the fans in fantastic fashion.


    Did he really die or did he just get removed from the show?


    Proof that even the US Navy hates US made cars.


    @tiki god: lol!

    I love The Stig. Best part of Top Gear sometimes.


    @tiki god:
    Nope. The original Stig “died” in a Jaguar, and there was a ramp at the end of the aircraft carrier.

    And he didn’t actually drive off the edge, they just shot the car off the edge using some sort of cannon.

    @casemods: The person who played the first Stig revealed who he was, so they sacked him, and killed off the character.


    Fun, did they launch this using the fighter catapult?

    I’d imagine brass had to be involved in something like this, they probably brought the car on as “supplies for boosting morale” or somesuch.


    Great way to test a catapult without tossing a real plane in the water if it doesn’t develop enough steam.


    Heh. Have to wonder whose retirement ceremony that was. Usually (as in the case of Master Chief Cannon) your boondockers get launched.
    Yep. Falls under MWR(Morale, Welfare, and Recreation). loaded in with BBQ grills, sports equipment, movies, books, and such. Fun fact about MWR on CV64,Constellation: the MWR was funded by monies taken from sailors who went to Captain’s Mast.
    All four catapults will launch any aircraft, there isn’t one specific to fighters.


    america: we don’t care what shit we dump in the sea.

    thanks guys. really doing your part.


    5 minutes of entertainment…how many years destroying the area within 20 feet of it with rust pollutants, again? It’d have been more entertaining and less douchey if they’d launched it into a wall.


    The only thing that could make this better is a contest to see who could launch a rocket and blow it up before it hit the water!


    Maybe it’s the Navy’s new Terrorist Catch and Release Program.


    In a hundred years, people will find a car in the middle of the ocean and will start asking questions. Questions like “What is a car doing in the middle of the ocean?” I bet this image won’t be what they come up with.


    @Flickerdart: Trying to figure out how we got a combustible engine to work underwater.


    @TrayShadix: Pfft, artifical reef creation, they just created a habitat for some little critters at the bottom of the ocean! Good on them!


    @Wally: Yeah I’m sure rust is just what the fish need!


    @nyokki: People are going to dive underwater 100 years, or even 1000 years from now and wonder how the subway cars got there…


    @casemods: Gotta keep ’em guessing. We don’t want Idiocracy to be the future.