Greek Riots

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    shop? Well, probably not. I just felt like being that asshole.

    Gary Generic

    Then, as the second poster, I’ll say:


    And I’ll be the other asshole.


    @Gary Scenario: No, I’d definately say you’re the first asshole.


    These riots were a good thing, reminding the Man that the people are many, and strong. And a kid killer cop won’t get away. It’s not the best way to do this, but we haven’t found another solution.


    what happend ??


    I’m guessing this


    thanks for the info. that is messed up a riccochet


    Awesome pic. Horrible times in Greece, though.


    thanks for the info. that is messed up to be killed by a ricochet


    reading through all that, It seems to me a lot of the violence is unrelated, just people looking for an excuse to do damage. And the defense lawyer’s smear tactic…ugh. Lawyers wonder why they get a bad rap.


    @SumoSnipe: the child death was just a spark, of something more bigger than this issue.


    That it spread so quickly all over Europe is disconcerting.

    Luke Magnifico

    @Lamb: How is this a good thing? What have “the people” achieved? Some of them have been beaten up. They’ve walked around alot. Meanwhile, nothing’s been done to actually fix what they’re “protesting” against. I.e., economic decline. Against which not much can be done.

    Essentially, “BAWWWW, I can’t get a job, even though I don’t want one, let’s go tear up some paving slabs and throw them at people who are just doing their own jobs!”

    People should shut the fuck up, calm the fuck down, and do something more constructive.


    @LukeV1-5: Economic decline? Not quite. The Greek Government has had scandal after scandal for quite a long time now. I don’t mean like blowjob scandal, either. I mean like millions of dollars being embezzled, total misappropriation of tax dollars, and about a thousand other things to give the people absolutely no confidence in their elected leaders. This was coming, teenager getting shot or not. This is what happened back in the 70’s, and the infrastructure and govt. was rebuilt from the ground up, for the better. Let’s just hope the new deal lasts longer than 25 years this time. For… Read more »


    Crazy ass riots. I remember hearing about them for weeks. I listen to BBC radio and they covered what was happening everyday.

    Luke Magnifico

    Well, I wasn’t going to list every god-damn thing they’re bitching about. It doesn’t change the fact that what they’re doing is not helping the situation. I will accept your fact that, last time, they did achieve a reshuffling of the government. But CLEARLY, that didn’t fucking work, did it? If they’re rioting again, less than half a century into their “glorious new dawn” of Greek politics. And what exactly stopped you in your tracks with these pictures? Would it be, perhaps, the carnage the protesters have inflicted on their own country? The brutality with which they’ve treated the police,… Read more »


    @suicydking: That’s just fucked up…seriously fucked up.
    @LukeV1-5: Agreed, there are much better, less violent ways to make a point, especially if you truly want to stop corruption.


    The riots may have started as a demonstration, as they usually do; but like the Cincinnati Riots of 2001, the people that want to destroy things come to that location to do so. they could care less about the perceived social injustices. City journal reported over 70% of people arrested while rioting in Cincinnati had previous criminal records.

    My favorite quote from the report: “These rioting felons were simply wreaking en masse the destruction they usually wreak individually.”



    @LukeV1-5: I find your question odd. Did you think I was trivializing the situation? I think that what is happening there is seriously fubar. However, these people aren’t ‘protesting because of economic decline’. Saying it that way makes it seem like they are burning the country to the ground because of a recession. The situation was a powder keg. This is serious shit here, people who have been pushed to the limit and finally the dam broke. The last uprising was to boot a junta regime. This time, the elected officials have made a mockery of democracy, but the people… Read more »


    Also, a quick question to our members from the US. How many of you saw any coverage of this at all on the evening news?

    Luke Magnifico

    From what I read, you were in support of it. And there is nothing that can be achieved here. This kind of thing does not work these days. Other countryies are not going to step in. Greece is a developed, European first-world country. What business is it of ours if they’re freakin’ out. And the existing government is not going to just say “Oh, the people are unhappy? Well. Well well well. I guess we’ll all just give up our highly-payed jobs, and lets some left-wing teenagers take over. Sounds like a plan, Stan!” Because that is not how our… Read more »


    @suicydking: Like Puulaahi, the only coverage I’d seen was on BBC. I usually have it on at 7pm (EST), while I’m cooking, doing chores etc…I have to admit I didn’t pay much attention (being in and out of the room) and had no clue it was this serious. I guess I should not be surprised I didn’t catch it on CNN or MSNBC.