Barack Obama Topless

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    I think he’s a liberal fucktard but at least he’s not some old flabby white dude. That man is cut forr a president.

    Now what’s it gonna take to get a “Michelle Obama Topless” post?


    Needs to work on his lower pectoralis and calves more then he’ll be hawt intern bait.

    tiki god

    A liberal fucktard?

    is that’s what we’re calling intelligence these days? you have to be a raging fuck up of a human being to be conservative, and intelligent to be a liberal?

    Your ideas frighten and intrigue me, do you have a newletter that I can subscribe to?


    I don’t really consider Obama a liberal. I guess he’s more liberal than McCain but he’s pretty conservative from my point of view (but then, I live near San Francisco :p).

    I’m glad he’s in good health. I hope he succeeds in quitting smoking!


    Obama vs Putin…..

    tiki god

    considering the people that’s he’s put in place, he’s more of a centralist then anything, which is awesome.


    I think a lot of people are going to be genuinely shocked when Obama turns out to be solidly moderate on a lot of issues, especially when it comes to ending the Iraq War and other diplomatic fiascoes. I don’t care if he isn’t liberal. He’s intelligent and competent. My largest complaint with Bush isn’t that he’s conservative, or even that he’s religious, it’s his mediocre intelligence combined with the other two traits that form a unique blend of disastrous. Obama has already proven to be moderate on gender identity issues. His personal feelings toward the matter are irrelevant and… Read more »


    must be all that watermelon…

    tiki god


    The only people that are going to be shocked are idiots that haven’t been paying attention over the last couple years. I’ll be shocked if he lets the congress steamroll their ‘liberal agenda’ though. What I expect is that he’ll do exactly what he’s done in the past and throw party/race loyalty out the window and go with what works and is right instead of what’s on the ‘liberal agenda’ or the ‘black agenda’


    Works for me. Maybe Bush/Cheney’s strengthening of the Executive won’t be so bad after all…Obama is looking to be a better leader than Pelosi/Reid/Murtha and all the other weak Congressional Democrats I’m not a fan of. Maybe he can muscle through some real reform and tell Congress to shove it.


    Yeah, Obama is here in Hawaii too. An intellagent president that is in shape. That just happened. Conservatives you lost, get over it. Bush knows he has done such a wonderful job as president, he is keeping his mouth shut his final days. Heck, we hardly saw Bush during the


    @tiki god:
    Gay fagget.


    Obama: Buffer than your leader

    tiki god

    @nobody knows:
    hey man, don’t ask, don’t tell, I don’t care about what you do with yourself.


    I know what he can go do with himself.


    @fatkidsay: @garbledxmission: Said whose peoples candidate of choice made America a Socialist nation AS they were trying to get you not to vote for Obama because he was a socialist. America is Socialist. The federal government owns shares in just about every major banking institution and ever major auto company. Let me just say it again for clarity. These businesses did not BORROW money. These businesses have SOLD PERCENTAGES OF THEIR COMPANIES TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN EXCHANGE FOR BAILOUT FUNDS. Again, America is currently Socialist. Bush and McCain did it. @nobody knows: I agree, but im guessing not for… Read more »


    Hey iam smart intellegent.


    @RSIxidor: Definitely teh lulz.

    @pic: Oh hai thar. What’s your name sexy man?


    I can’t believe nobody said it yet.



    Although I have to say, if Obama doesn’t do something about this I’m going to be pretty disappointed. I understand that, if he doesn’t do anything, there will be people like me who will complain and point fingers. And that if he actually does something, another group will point fingers and accuse him of being all sorts of things. Quite fucked up.


    @tikigod My ideas frighten you? As far as I’m aware the only idea I mentioned was that I want to see Obama’s baby momma naked. Granted she’s not the prettiest thing to look at but if the idea of seeing her bare chest frightens you I think nobodyknows might have a point.


    @fatkidsay: You did say he was liberal fucktard.


    well i don’t share the same views as anyone. i don’t see Obama any better. than the rest.


    @ColombianMonkey: I don’t think it’s about whether or not he’s different. We, the people, now know that we’re different and are capable of being more than our own biases.




    Blah blah politics. Whatever. All I have to say is: first PILF evar!


    @Annarchy: Say what? He’s a total PILF yea, but what about Lincoln? He was one handsome motherfucker. Mostly because of his intelligence ya know, but still.


    @dieAntagonista: Yeah, Lincoln’s brain was hot. But he’s dead, so he doesn’t count. Unless he’s a zombie…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I voted for Kodos.

    The savior is a lie!


    Waxes his chest? Jeez.
    The guy belongs on American Idol, or
    one of those mindless survival shows.
    Pop culture icon? YES.
    Running the Country? NO.


    @nyokki: i guess you’re right ^^.It affects us all doesnt it? but i’m not saying he going to do bad, from the knowledge i know, it seems to me he’s the superhero type who comes in and saves the day, like everything was planned.Because really, how we portray bush less intelligent, i cannot accept how he was able to get in the white house. Without it being fixed, but that is my view that i see, mostly i can be wrong about it or right about it, we would only have to wait and see.


    @ColombianMonkey: I think he’s portrayed as the super hero type. The press love him. If you look at what he actually does, you see very little of it. He is extremely confident, that’s for sure. Let’s just hope that confidence is well placed and not like Bush’s bravado.


    @nyokki: let’s wait


    @ColombianMonkey: Agreed.