Teeny Ted from Turnip Town

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At 0.07 mm X 0.10 mm, ‘Teeny Ted from Turnip Town’ is a tinier read than the two smallest books currently cited by the Guinness Book of World Records: the New Testament of the King James Bible (5 X 5 mm, produced by MIT in 2001) and Chekhov’s Chameleon (0.9 X 0.9 mm, Palkovic, 2002). By way of comparison, the head of a pin is about 2 mm.

The team used a focused gallium-ion beam and one of the electron microscopes at SFU’s nano-imaging facility. With a minimum diameter of seven nanometers (a nanometer is about 10 atoms in size) the beam was programmed to carve the space surrounding each letter of the book.

Originally found on DRB

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    The head of a pin is 2mm? What kind of insanely large pins are they using?


    @Shanghai_Factor: Me thinks mm is micrometer…not sure though


    Ok, by “head” I was thinking “point.” ‘Cause I’m slow like that.


    ummm me too….the point of a pin is 2 micrometers?


    ok doing a little google searching i found 2mm = 0.0797 inch. i dont know whats right anymore, im so confused

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “So, are you going to pay $20,000 for a book you only can read with an electron microscope?”
    You can build an atomic force microscope for around $20,000 dollars. That should be more than good enough to read the book.


    cool but WHY?

    …and how much money did they spend to do it? I sure as hell hope they didn’t waste any of my tax money on this shit…

    …unless of course it solely for the purpose of keeping nanobots amused. Cant have those little bastards getting bored, they might figure out that they could take over the world.