Diving Emperor Penguin

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An Emperor Penguin dives into the water somewhere in the Antarctic. Emperor Penguins, the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species, can dive as deep as 550 meters, with about 20 minutes of air in a single breath.


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    1800 feet, really? That’s fucking deep, son. I like to go deep too, hey ladies? Yeah.


    I call bullshit. An Ohio Class submarine has a hull crush depth of 1850 ft. Besides, diving to 1800ft on 20 minutes of air requires that you descend at 180fpm. Not likely, but I’ll bite. That only leaves 10 minutes to resurface. I think that would result in a Penguin assploshun


    Penguins are sea rats. Filthy, nasty creatures.


    A more reputable (I think) source giving the same information.


    @nyokki: @RSIxidor: Well I’ll be damned. I almost made it the whole year without being wrong. Thanks assholes.



    Lrn 2 google

    New years resolution?


    @RSIxidor: I try to use google as a last resort. It gets on my nerves when people copypasta google results in place of an imformed oppinion. This seemed so improbable that I didn’t bother looking it up. I was wrong.


    I always look stuff up before I argue. I used to do this to my parents when I was a kid… keep a list of things I didn’t think were true, go to the library after school. The household nickname was “smartass”.

    I do agree with the3g_ipwn that just posting google results is annoying (lazy, pointless, doesn’t prove the person read a thing). However, looking stuff up before disagreeing is rarely a bad idea.



    I looked it up for that very reason. It did seem improbable. I assumed it was a typo in a Wikipedia article. So, Wikipedia showed the same. I assume that National Geographic, being one of the oldest scientific magazines, would have reputable sources. And also, when I asked my dad (an unbelievable source of useless (occasionally useful) information, he said he was quite sure it was right. Mom did, too. Then, I went down the corner and asked our local emperor penguin. He squawked at me and chased me off. Oh well.


    @RSIxidor: You forgot to ask Jesus though. Santa brought you coal, didn’t he.


    I didn’t. He did. I sold it to China (it was dirty).