Queen Creek Canyon

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About 30 miles east of where we live, along US 60, lies the little mining town of Superior, Arizona. It\’s a relatively unremarkable place, but just a few miles past it US 60 winds its way into a gorge dug eons ago by Queen Creek, which eventually winds its way into the Valley and gives its name to a smaller housing development that is one of the dozens of Phoenix suburbs.

I dropped by this morning and took these pictures. You can get more detail (and see a few more shots) at my blog.

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    Looks nice to climb!


    Beautiful scenery, nice photos.

    tiki god

    Looks like it’s a bit of hike to get there. Send me a /tell when you get the VR of it, I’d love to sit on my couch and experience that!


    It’s right off the highway, no hike to see it. I like Devil’s Canyon better, though – in the same area, looks pretty cool at sunset because the granite + sun makes everything pinkish orange.


    Nice pics. Almost makes me want to go out there and hike. Almost.


    great bonsai specimen..steal it- pot it- sell on ebay-$$$. I’m on my way…


    i see demon faces in these rocks

    lots of ’em


    i’m talking about the bottom picture, of course