Sunset over Kansas

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I took these out of the window of the truck while i was doing 80 down I-70

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    Nice camera.


    @RSIxidor: ‘Zactly what I was gonna say. I just got a camera and am still trying to figure out how to use it (well).


    Lovely. And trucks are the bomb.

    @nyokki: Same here. It’s just a ‘lame’ digital camera, but who would have thought that they’re so difficult to handle. I just recently found out that there’s even an entire book out on how to take the best pictures with the one I bought. It’s ridiculous.


    I got a DSLR for Christmas. So wonderful.


    All I know is its ISO is 3200 and it’s got a million possible settings (and add-ons if I want to spend a lot of money).


    Yea I’m not ready for a DSLR yet. I can hardly even handle the one I’ve got. /rage


    I’ve already exhausted my less than extensive knowledge on the subject.


    I bought my girlfriend a Kodak 10 mp camera. It has presets that clearly tell you what there for. Making panoramic pictures is lots of fun.


    I (more or less) begged for a camera that was “upgradeable”, so to speak. I wanted to be able to add different lenses, a zoom lens, etc…My eldest brother and mom are really good photographers and, for some reason I can’t explain, I just started being interested in it. Perhaps all the flickr surfing.


    looks just like Alberta.

    You look at that pic and you can just smell the fresh air. I cant wait for summer to come back.

    beep beep

    Central Kansas FTW. I just drove out that way for Christmas time; really beautiful land, but I wouldn’t want to live there.


    i bet this looked even moar awesome IRL


    I like much of Alberta (not all, fuck Calgary you disgusting pretentious shit eaters) for no more than 3 months out of the year. At most. And those are winter months. Actually, there are a million places in north america i prefer over alberta any time of the year. …guess where I am right now?


    (I’ve been in Kansas for the whole of um, 6 hours. It was nice. Don’t really feel like going back tho, unless I was promised a tornado.


    I know why you were doing 80 down I-70. It’s because THERE’S FUCKING NOTHING HERE. I live here. I can vouch for the endless void of both things to do and see and the endless void of intelligence that seems to suck 75% of the population’s brains out through their skull.