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Ignore the strange kid in the mirror. Check out that ass!

Some high res pictures of Odette Yustman would be much appreciated.

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    Hot damn. I would go see that movie, not for the terrible plot, or predictable story line. Which are both terrible by the way. And did you check that tag? WTF? This movie will be so ridiculously over the top that it will be placed in the comedy genre.


    Good god. I was already going to see this movie. It has David S. Goyer involved and Gary Oldman is in it. Now I see Lil Miss Plentiful Booty’s rear assets and it is a must-see.


    Also, om nom nom nom nom.


    It’s a quality ass I have to admit. But I’m totally going to watch this movie, even if it sounds ridiculous. It’s exactly the kind of horror that I enjoy. I’m really not picky when it comes to horror movies though. As long as it isn’t comedy I’m gonna watch it for sure.


    Well, David S. Goyer was the writer for:

    Batman Begins
    Dark Knight
    Dark City
    Blade 2

    and he is also going to write the screenplay for the X Men Origins: Magneto.

    So hopefully this flick will be decent.


    Then again, he was also a writer for:

    The Crow: City of Angels
    the Nick Fury movie with David Hasselhoff
    Demonic Toys

    and he produced Mission to Mars and Ghost Rider

    and he wrote AND directed Blade Trinity.

    So, maybe not.


    Ey, The Crow is a dope film.


    I’m not too sure on this one. the trailers have me thinking ‘Dark Half’ with better actors and effects….


    That’s not the worst thing Evil could do. Perhaps something with sharper knees? Or Rosie O’Donnell.


    @flintlocke: I liked Jumper… then again, however I had very low expectations for the movie where Anakin kills Mace again.


    Also… nice ass.


    That’s Beth from Cloverfield! How come we missed *that* asset in the movie?
    Another reason to hate that stupic shakycam, I guess.


    @flintlocke: blade trinity was better than blade 2
    i wanna see this! soo bad! it looks spooky as fuck.