Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow

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    Fags like that shouldn’t be allowed to have a flag that cool.


    Is that supposed to be a woman?


    @Tenspace: … n’es?


    @nobody knows:
    She’s never going to fuck you, so let that homophobia fly, I guess.


    She’s not that bad looking. Normally, she’s kinda cute…in a les-butch kind of way.


    Typo?Joke?Delusion?Or extremely poor eyesight?


    @englishelectriclightning: You mean me, the pic or neither? The posted pic is horrible. But on her show, she looks fine.


    She has a man neck. No amount of cuteness will counter that fact.


    @nobody knows:
    “Fags like that shouldn’t be allowed to have a flag that cool.”

    I seriously hope that you are joking, but in case your not ,….

    This country is great because it embraces all types. Even hateful homophobes . I am as straight as an arrow and agnostic to boot,.. but would die fighting to back every citizen in this countries lifestyle or religious choice. If you can’t understand that then you are not fit to carry that flag yourself as you have no idea what it symbolizes.


    please pardon my typos in the above post.


    @flood123: Since I agree w/ you: I hereby pardon all your typos and will include any misspellings as well.


    flood123 is teh man.


    Confusing a woman like this for a man is simple enough…I’ve done it a couple times I’m willing to admit. Confusing a man for a woman though…You only make that mistake once…


    I have wicked good gay-dar and trans-dar and I thought this was a guy. *shrug* It happens.

    Not so deep down, I am a man loving fag.

    @nyokki.Seriously,now.That really is a woman?She has a television program?What is the gist of the program.Comedy?And what obscure cable channel is this on?


    Bob Saget?


    I can get past the man-neck, but her delivery needs work–her sarcasm comes off as insipid and witless.

    And I lied about the neck. That thing really bothers me.



    That’s amusing considering she’s one of the smartest people in the media today.

    Wiki: “a degree in public policy from Stanford University in 1994, John Gardner Fellowship, Rhodes Scholarship in 1995 used to obtain a D.Phil in political science from Lincoln College, Oxford University”


    She is also the first openly gay American to host a prime-time news program and the first openly gay American to be awarded a Rhodes scholarship.

    She is an incredibly humorous anchor and though she has voiced liberal views on issues, she approaches most topics quite a bit more moderately than most anchors on TV.


    She had a show on NPR and now she’s a pundit on tv. It sometimes takes a bit for anchors to get their tv “legs”. Colbert was stiff, wooden and his delivery times were off…at first. By his second season he was doing well and this last season was great.