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Luke Magnifico

No, they’d just shoot her with their automatic weapons.

Or, alternatively, sneak up and hit her with a golf club.

I mean, come on, they’re professionals, their whole job is sneaking places, and doing things sneakily.

Luke Magnifico

Also, she looks like a crazy person, who should never have a gun in the first place.


I dunno man she’s kind of hot in a crazy old bitch way.



bright green

Tiki we can read the text in the image, you don’t need to put it as a title.


Its for google search.

tiki god

are you talking about the intruders or the cops? more likely that a cop will shoot her 🙁

@bright green:
oddly enough, it’s one of the requirements for the images to be posted, and I just happened to follow it this time 🙂


“… because if she fired that gun that she bought for “Protection” shed probobly me knocked on her ass after one shot… that missed… and then she would be COMPLETELY DEFENSELESS. Her elected officials thought perhaps she should probobly learn how to PROPERLY defend herself.”


@tiki god: and more likely the cop will have body armor and then theyd have REASON to shoot her.


Why is the assumption that the intruder is a “him”? That’s completely sexist. I’m sure bitches break into places all the time.


: you think she looks crazy just because she has her hair all over the place? perhaps the intruder came at night, and she just got out of bed?


What if she’s the intruder, robbing a bank or just walking around aiming that thing at people? I demand bullet proof vests and rocket launchers


@tiki god: I thought the rule was to type any text in the picture in the description of the post, not the title…. @camusapprentice: Why assume she doesn’t know what she’s doing with a gun? Even though it is a fucking large one. My g/f prolly shot more guns than most of you fuckers. Though in truth, she’s actually shot quite a lot of them. As a kid, her grandfather had a gun room with literally hundreds of guns. When they went target shooting, she’d get to pick a few of em each time, what ever she wanted and would… Read more »

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

Seems to me that the intruder should be the one pissed off here. He was promised an unarmed occupant. Don’t trust politicians. They never deliver.

Luke Magnifico

@traptin85: She looks crazy because of the crazy look in her eyes that makes her look crazy. My hair is always all over the place, and I’m perfectly sane.


What happens when some high strung armed woman whose had a bad day, is typically urban paranoid, and armed, gets approached by a well meaning fellow who was just asking the time, and said twitchy lady gets the wrong idea and glocks him one? I’m just sayin’, paranoid nutbars are a major demographic for gun sales, but paranoid nutbars shouldn’t have guns. Another situation, a son or daughter snuck out one evening and is trying to sneak back in late, drunk and clumsy, they knock something over, aren’t moving with their “familiar” noises, and the sound is much like a… Read more »


By the way, what kind of pistol is that?


@sylvanish: I was wondering the same thing.


It’s the kind of pistol that will kill you. And, besides that, what if said intruder, male, female or goat, decides being shot really doesn’t matter? How many bullets does it take to incapacitate a tweaker? I wanna play that game.


@hvymetal86: I agree with you. I have not shot a gun, I have spent 5 of my 21 years choosing to learn about blade weaponry instead of guns. Main reason is because of logic founded in friends of mine that have guns that a gun incorperates recoil. In todays world, your average gun weilder is doing it for intimidation, not killing ability. Also in todays world, people shit their pants when they see someone handeling a blade like they know what they are doing because they dont know how to compute. I would gague that by looks as a HIGH… Read more »


… and nooone’s mentioned trigger discipline


All the stories you people make up are just silly. There are intelligent people who have gun permitted and actually go to shooting ranges and learn about the WEAPON instead of going though all the permit hassles just to sleep with it loaded under their pillow.

And for the record, a in house permit is different from a side arm carrying permit. Just cuz you have a gun don’t mean you can just walk around with it. Morons.


Yes, yes. I’m quite sure that if every legal citizen were allowed to have guns that no one would get addicted to drugs, or be poor, or hungry, or desperate and homicidal, or crazy, and that all homes would be safe.

It certainly isn’t the case that all robbers would ALSO ALWAYS carry guns since they know they’ll be going up against them, and now not only are you in trouble, but your kids held hostage, and every B&E becomes a Western-style shootout, straight from Stalingrad.

Yes, everyone having guns solves all crime problems forever.


Mateba Model 6 Unica:

It is currently the only automatic revolver made in the world today.

Weight: 2.96 lbs (1.340 kg)(6 inch barrel) empty.
Caliber: .357 magnum
Barrel Length: 3 inches (7.6 cm), 4 inch (10.2 cm), 5 inch (12.7 cm), or 6 inch (15.2 cm).
Action: Semi-automatic Double Action.
Range: 200 ft (60 m).
Cylinder: 6 rounds .
Cost: $ 1,000.
Made in: Italy.
Special: Semi-automatic action. Very accurate, very high quality, interchangable barrels.


Leattime, so the way things are makes it better? LOL@U

Guess it depends where you live. Have you ever had a burglar come into your house while you where asleep?


For when I go hunting with my family, I have a 7mm RUM. It practically jumped out of my hands the first time I shot it, but I quickly got a feel for its bite and now i love it. I’m only 115 lbs too. I’ve also fired a .357 and a .44 magnum revolver at a range too, and didn’t find them at all hard to handle. Maybe if it was this lady’s first time firing this gun, she’d have a problem, but the human body, it has this wonderful ability to adapt to things. @SKILLERWHALE: I don’t deny… Read more »


Answer me this then, do you think an idiot who cannot balance a check book is going to apply for a gun permit? Doubtful, my gripe is normal people who do apply and are turned down for no reason.


1) the cops cant get there in time
2) an armed population is a deterrant against tirany
3) we’re frikin crazy and go shooting each other
wtf, but if i’m on the road, i leave my lady at with a double barrel remington. recoil or not. in the real world you may get one shot off before you shit your self


No an armed population is the cause of “tirany”.

You think all those crazy regimes in the world were established through status quo? No, the batshit regimes came about through violent citizen revolution.


If that chick actually uses a Mateba to protect her home, she’s definetly not right in the head.
Either she’s rich enough to HIRE security, or too fucking MAD to reliably protect herself.


@SKILLERWHALE: I couldn’t say, but I think yes, probably such an idiot would indeed. There is no limit to what idiots do/


But why does balancing a check book define idiocy? What about those many who don’t have them?


@SKILLERWHALE: Oh wow man. Clever and well thought out answer. ‘LOL@U’. I guess that refutes everything. Welcome to teh intarnets.

And no, I haven’t. But I know people who have. And if the choice is “Both of us probably have guns” or “Neither of us probably have guns” I’d pick the latter, because as a middle-class WASP I don’t really know how to shoot, but I’m sure an armed criminal does.


@camusapprentice: Why choose guns over knives? Why choose knives over guns? I choose both 😀


: By your logic, even people who qualify for a driver’s license, pass the test and drive on a daily basis wouldn’t be allowed to carry or own a gun. Which is fine by me. Have you seen the morons on the road?


@wopfart: An armed population is the crudest form of defense against tyranny, and the most consistently defeated. Either you enlist your armed population, or galvanize them towards something distracting to justify your tyranny. Either way, sweet army, and you save money buying guns for them! The best form of defense, the most humane, is a system of revolution that does not include violence, like with elections, democracy, and a divided, competing governmental body. Not an armed populace. It’s like saying a bomb on your front door is a deterrant against home invasion. Sure is, but is that the kind of… Read more »


: Here here!


Oh yeah, other best defense against a tyranny: An intelligent populous. Not that guns and smarts are mutually exclusive, but they’re also not the same. Don’t let your people get dumb (such as with the thinking: the only way to solve conflict and crime is with bullets), and you’ll never have to worry about a dictator.


: she has a crazy look in her eyes because she’s pissed that someone woke her up and broke into her house!!!!!


Yet again, I’m bored with this. Lefties see only city violence control and righties see only their amendments being taken away. Anyone to the left of you is a socialist and anyone to the right a fascist…I can’t wait until these partys’ representatives die off and we get a new generation of assholes with something more interesting to fight over.

Does anyone actually, realistically, think that city violence will drop OR people will be disallowed gun ownership because of a new figurehead? {snore}