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Luke Magnifico

Fuck yeah!


Tarantino isn’t quoting Ezekiel here.

Ezekiel 25:17

“And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.”

also, ‘theselfish’ is not a word.

Luke Magnifico

Neither is “evilmen”

Fail on you for not seeing what he did there.

And not all bibles have the same lines, word for word. Alot of the time, they change the sentence, but keep the meaning.

Srsly, stack nitpicking.




@natedog: He just forgot a space. A thesel fish is a now extinct fish that used to live in the Dead Sea. They had built a massive empire and lived a life of decadence while the Jews were servants of the thesel fishes. The Jewish uprising against the thesel fish is supposed but not confirmed as the scrolls for this part of history are lost.


It’s not in any bible. Tarantino has admitted he made up the quote. And it was originally in his script for From Dusk Til Dawn (spoken by Keitel’s holy man) but he got to make Pulp Fiction first and re-used it. Along with ideas from about a hundred other movies.


i may be steppin on toes here but its quotes like these that helped me become a buddhist


@kezia347: If Tarantino’s made-up excerpts of the Bible was an influence in you becoming Buddhist, I don’t think that Christianity has lost a great scholar or anything.


Terrible graphic design is terrible. The simple idea that there are people out there that thing -this- is good means that more people need to be shot.


The bible is made up anyways so the passage from the bible used in plp fiction is just tarantinos revision. There is the king james bible,.. now there is the tarantino bible.


you are entitled to your opinion… i wasnt talking just about tarantino’s movie quote.


@kezia347: So, if you weren’t just talking about it, you were talking about it and other quotes? So you did include Pulp Fiction in your evaluation of the Bible? I mean, isn’t it kind of like saying “It’s things like summoning demons, like they did in Hellboy, that the Nazis had to be stopped.”

There are so many valid, real world reasons to disagree with Christianity, it’s fairly stupid to invoke fully made-up examples.


@Kishi: It’s not a *fully* made up quote, it’s a *mostly* made up quote. It’s still based off an actual passage, and I’m pretty sure kezia meant the vast plethora of quotes in the bible that are very much like this quote, with the same hellfire and damnation zest to them. The fact that people can easily believe this Pulp Fiction quote was straight from the bible attests to that.

Crawl back outta his or her nasty, sheesh.


exactly, and thanks… you rock


as were all of the comments


are all of you talking about the bible, the sci-fi bestseller?


???? ?????