upside down room

upside down room

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    MY world an a drug trip. good times……..


    Fucking Guevara shirts…


    @Dreth: Right? Do people even know what a murdering fucktard that guy was? Actually, I think it’s kind of ironic that after his death, people have capitalized and profited from his image.


    I have no problem with people wearing Che shirts. What makes my blood boil is when when people think it’s cool to wear these shirts and that it makes them punks. (Yeah right, rich kids living at home, going to fine schools, but oh yea, they’re ‘punks’) But when they see actual punks – homeless people on the streets they wrinkle their noses.


    its not the girl thats upside down its the room


    I like how they managed to make EVERYTHING stick to the ceiling, but theres one thing they didnt fix. An internet to anyone that can find it. Also, great view out that window.


    i think this is the result when you “accidentally a coke-a-cola bottle”


    @Harlequin: LOL OK, There’s the telephone line, sitting atop the base of the lamp, which I don’t think is a mistake, as that could also happen naturally. There’s also what looks like the base of the outside brick wall at ceiling height, but it’s shot from an angle that renders it’s structural identity ambiguous at best. The only other thing is lighting on the ceiling (her floor) coming from where the ground level would be, but that could be explained away by saying that this was on the second or third floor room, above street lamp level. They took great… Read more »


    sunlight through the window on the ceiling?


    @AustinDav: dunno, there are 2 ‘sunlight’. those could be reflections from the ground?

    they keep the floor skirting (never seen). and seems there are screws under the speakers.

    or is just a earthquake in japan