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    I duunoo why this made me thing oof it but I wish the Geramn chick I went out with was more like dieA and less like KFC. I mean KVC. Whataeverthatfuck. die is aweomse. That’s what I’m tryhing to gtet at.

    Luke Magnifico

    What the fuck is wrong with you.

    Do you not speak english.


    @LukeV1-5: @LukeV1-5:
    Hey you shouldn’t speak to stupid people like that.


    @AgZed: Haha I’m not German but thank you. I’m not sure what KVC means but I’m glad I have nothing to do with it. Nor with KFC.

    @LukeV1-5: I think he’s drunk. Have you ever noticed how similar people always end up in the same group? DISTILLED SUGAR FTW.


    Fuck you if you have something against KFC. We’re gonna have ourselves an old fashioned ass-kicking contest right here if you do.


    @Dreth: Sorry? Uh, we don’t have any KFC in my country, I have never seen one at least. So I have never eaten anything from them. Nor from Burger King. But the things I hear about them are not too sweet either, so I have only one thing to say: BRING IT ON.


    KvC refers to the goosestepping member, Komissar-something.

    @dieAntagonista: Be lucky you don’t have KFC. A trip through one of their kitchens, and you’d swear off chicken forever. Unless you were a fat girl who liked to bathe in restaurant sinks.


    @Tenspace: Ow. Why that’s total nonsense then (on AgZed’s part). Germans are not at all like Herr Kommissar. The most adorable people I have ever met were from Germany. That Nazi freak doesn’t have anything to do with the majority of Germans of today.

    Haha oh god, yea I’ve seen those pictures. What the hell? Probably some of the nastiest girls I have ever seen. I don’t actually eat any meat though, so I’m at least kind of safe.


    And thanks for teaching me a new word. – ‘goose-stepping’


    Holy shit… I wake up this morning, I’m quietly scrolling through MCS as I nurse a wee hangover, and then I hit this. And all the stuff below. And my first thought is, “Oh noes! My account, it has been haxxored!” But then I remember, no, that was all me. Normally when I go out and get shitfaced, I turn off my PC before I leave. This is probably why. As for what I was trying to say, I think I was referring to a German girl I went out with who was quite the little Nazi wannabe. She was… Read more »


    @AgZed: I hear you. But your comments were hilarious to say the least so don’t worry.

    Aw. A Nazi girl you say? Why that’s rare. There was like only one obese Nazi girl I have ever known, at school. She beat me up once. Not cute at all.
    And thank you. Again. But now enough with the ego feeding. Also, drunk commenteers rule.



    Then count me as a big fat girl that likes to eat salty hardened cooking oil.