GTFO Bitch, I’m doing science


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    is that liz vicous?


    Wtf is wrong with her. But yea it’s hilarious. Seducing methods, you fail at them.


    I think we have it backwards. He is closing the book. It should be relabeled as “GTFO Science I’m doing bitch!”


    She can practice on me if she needs to.

    bright green

    I wonder who took the picture, never think of that do you MCS.


    the bitch looks like a meth adict, no wonder the guy wants to do science instead.. do not want!


    She is a nasty looking bitch.


    Good. I’m not the only one who recognized her. {shifty eyes}


    Just out of curiosity, (call it a little sociological experiment, I realize you might not necessarily be able to) can you quantify what specific things about her you find nasty?


    1. What little you can see of her clothes is ho-wear.
    2. Make-up looks like a street walker.
    3. Posture and pose…she looks drunk, or something.
    4. Her expression is…almost mean, and slutty at the same time.

    I’m realize that’s not actually quantifying, but it’s close enough.


    She looks cute but it’s a difficult picture to judge by. The picture is amusing too though it would be even better if the guy was playing video games.

    I had a boyfriend whose passive aggressive way of telling me he wanted time to himself (after inviting me over) was to ignore me playing Counter Strike. Getting naked and sitting on him wouldn’t even get his attention.

    Needless to say, I didn’t put up with that for long.


    outofocus: He must have been gay. A male NOT reacting when naken boobies are around?


    flyingcat88: Not gay. Just stupid.


    outofocus: And trying to remove himself from gene pool.


    SumoSnipe: I wish. He ended up with my best friend at the time. She is more… girlie.. and accepts these sorts of behaviors as “typical male” where as I find them to be illogical and rude. *shrug*


    nyokki: close enough Indeed. 🙂 Nasty wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when I saw the pic. It’s always interesting to see how different people interpret different visual cues…

    outofocus: Im gonna go with a little dumb on that one… certainly not gay lol… It may not have made sense from an emotional standpoint, but I’m willing to bet he wasn’t really ignoring you per se, but was actually just really into the game.

    It may sound dumb, but guys brains work a lot differently from Gals. Women tend to think about of a lot of different things concurrently, so that shifting focus is easy and natural. We tend to focus on single things at a time, which makes shifting focus difficult. It actually is a guy thing…

    I also don’t think a lack of logic had anything to do with it. Rude and inconsiderate, most definitely, in my experience, I find that emotion, attraction and *logic* rarely have much to do with each other…


    Phyreblade: I know exactly why he did it which I stated. “passive aggressive way of telling me he wanted time to himself (after inviting me over)” That wasn’t an assumption. That was based on lengthy conversations he and I had after the fact, after we broke up and after he owned up to the behavior.

    Passive aggressive behavior is illogical. I understand the emotional reasons for it but it doesn’t change my opinion on it.


    outofocus: Ah… Got it… No I agree, passive aggressive behavior is indeed illogical. I thought it might be something else, but if he actually owned up to being passive aggressive about wanting time to himself then I see what you are saying.

    If you don’t mind my asking, (you can just ignore me if you want) do you understand (or did he say) Why he thought it made sense to him to invite you over if he knew he would want some time to himself? IE Did he feel obligated to invite you over?

    I can understand him wanting time to himself, but so far as communicating it, do *you* think he was being passive aggressive because *he* thought he was being passive aggressive? Or was there something else he was “acting out” because of? Or was he simply trying to avoid the inevitable conflict of trying to tell you directly that he wanted some alone time?

    Again, it’s not really any of my business, just curious that’s all…


    Phyreblade: It’s the fact that I (or we) could not sort that out and that he was incapable of communicating that I left. I am very independent and like to spend more time alone than not. When I went to his house (or he to mine) we often did our own things but would just be in the same room (or house) together so there was no demand on my part.

    I was his first serious relationship and I just don’t think he had the tools. I do not think that he was developed enough at the time to really think about himself as passive aggressive but I recognized the tendency in him early on. I did my best to be non-threatening/non-attacking when I tried to bring up issues. I actually tried a whole variety of approaches after he was unwilling to give me any insight into what was happening in his head. I’m not perfect and I probably botched something up somewhere along the way but I tried to give him space.

    His mother is extremely over bearing. If she asks you a question you don’t need to respond because she will tell you the answer even if what she believes is wrong (he also was like this which was infuriating). There was no correcting her or informing her. He expected me to be the same and it wasn’t until he got into the relationship after me and ran into the same problems (she kept coming to me for advice) did he admit his own role in the relationship’s demise.

    Unfortunately, these issues didn’t start until we’d been together for about a year. It was pretty trippy for myself and his friends. I knew him for three years before our relationship began and no one had seen the sort of behavior in him before that time. In any situation not involving emotions, he’s extremely intelligent and logical so in that regard we were far more compatible than I’ve been with anyone else. So I stuck around longer than I probably should have with the hopes we could work it out. But men simply do not do well in relationships if they haven’t dealt with their mommy issues.

    I am glad that we stayed in contact and were able to talk about things over the following few years. The acknowledgment of his role made it hurt less and it helped me better understand the situation.


    Gotta love the mommy issues…and the daddy issues too.


    outofocus: I understand… Thanks.

    Yeah, logic and emotions… not really the best of friends… Throw in all the various developmental issues, and… *sigh*

    nyokki: Ah yes… Parents… The people in your average persons life who are generally most likely to leave you with issues you will spend a great deal of time learning to deal with/resolve… Gotta love em…

    I suggested once to some folks that maybe we need to implement a childbirth license system. You know, like some federally mandated training that ensures that people are fit, or at least have some minimal sort of basic training about things to be careful about when raising kids.

    I thought it was great, you’d get a license and everything. I figured, we require licenses to let people drive their cars, and isn’t raising children so much more important? Why not make some kind of training necessary for that?

    They looked at me like I was on crack. Understandable I guess…


    Phyreblade: Well, driving is considered a privilege, not a right. So the licensing can be constrained. Having children is an inalienable right, so it cannot be restrained. That said, having more programs out there for people considering having children would be good. I know there are some programs, but almost no one knows it. Required Home Ec. in High School for both sexes (which includes parenting skills)? Perhaps not.


    Phyreblade: You’d fit in well with my friends. We all think that’s a great idea.


    nyokki: Good point, though I’m not necessarily saying we should regulate childbirth itself, even though I must admit that I have seen too many cases where I think the world might be a better place if it was.

    Actually even the idea of rights vs privileges seems to me like an archaic ideology based on medieval dictatorial thinking that should really have no value in a contemporary society, let alone a “democratic” culture so focused on equality. Look at where it’s gotten us.

    Why is it that it is our right to screw up our kids, even to the extent of raising sociopaths, and parent killers, but the ability to drive your own personal mechanical conveyance, purely for the purpose of getting people from point A to point B, is a privilege?

    From where I’m sitting, screwing up our kids has had repercussions that have fubared a whole lot more in the world as a whole, than our simple ability to drive ever has…

    outofocus: I thought so too, but apparently too few else agree…

    We all accept without question that we need lessons and so on to learn how to drive a car, but for some reason, telling people the same thing about raising their kids, arguably the most important, complicated and booby trap laden function of any parent, gets most parents hackles standing on end.

    They react as if you are telling them they don’t love their child…


    Phyreblade: American’s need far more driver’s training if you ask me. It seems like few Americans take pride in being educated about much of anything. So it’s no surprise that many would be offended at the idea of being required to earn their right to breed.


    Phyreblade: People already think they know how to raise their kids. It’s everyone else that needs help w/ their kids. You’ll never convince most people that it is they who need lessons in parenting.

    outofocus: Agreed, especially in Maryland (the land of no turn signals).


    nyokki: That is one of my biggest pet peeves… the lack of turn signals. It’s so rare to see them in the area that I live (where the majority of drivers learned in another country.. usually mexico or vietnam) that I applaud when I do see them.

    I saw a car once that had a sticker that said, “Visualize using your blinker”. heh


    outofocus: Oh, yeah, don’t get me started on the so called American “Driver”…

    The ‘Mercan drivers manual reads as follows:

    Turn signals: optional. It has been scientifically shown that conserving blinker fluid extends gas mileage. So please minimize indicator usage as much as possible. It’s the American way.
    Left Lane: This is the cruising lane. You can just hang out here. Also: 5-10mph below the speed limit if you please. We are cruising, after all.
    Stay right except to pass: Only if you feel like it. See “Left Lane” guidelines.
    Passing: This should not happen to you. If anyone passes you, ur doin’ it rong. Always make sure there is enough space for people to pass you on the righ. However accelerate if necessary to prevent them from actually doing so. Also, please do not forget to flip attempted passers the bird as you cut them off.
    Green light: Wait a full minute and then slowly depress the accelerator…
    Yellow light: Step on it.
    Red light: See if you can push the accelerator through the floorpan…

    I really wish drivers license exams were so much more ridiculously hard to pass in the US…

    And then they wonder where they went wrong when their kids turn into psychopaths…


    Phyreblade: If you make that into a shirt, I will wear it (as long as “‘Mercan” is changed to American”). That is just so freakin’ accurate.


    outofocus: LOL I’m thinking it may be a bit too long to put on a T… 🙂


    Phyreblade: Nah, you can shorten some of that and it’ll fit. It’ll just mean that would will stare for longer. :p


    LOL Hmm… I might just try that… Or make a few different ones, each with a different rule… 😀


    Phyreblade: Cafe Press FTW!

    I have a few shirt ideas that I’ve been lazy about putting together. I really ought to stop procrastinating. heh.

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