Say HALO to my Little Friend

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An Ohio teenager stands accused of killing his mother and injuring his father because he was not allowed to play Halo 3. The trial, on charges of murder and attempted murder, opened this week in the town of Elyria, Ohio.

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    But mommy…..

    Billy Manic



    Fucking. Loser.
    Lethal. Injection.


    Horrible trigger discipline!


    The should send him to prison for life. He will get a injection of sorts. Over and over again for the rest of his life.


    HES FUCKING REPULSIVE! I vomited thrice!


    I know take a BR squad of Spartans…..


    After reading a few other articles on this kid, I’ve gotta laugh. What’s really fucked up is he tried putting the gun in his dad’s hand. Murder/suicide over a fucking game? what a fucking waste.


    He was going to start tea-bagging his Dad…
    But, he got kicked for team-killing.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    why’s he wearing green stripes?

    eco-friendly prison wear?


    @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: i think in prison it means “fresh Meat”



    btw too sad he won’t play halo3 anymore xD


    I just remember when “mom” called me for dinner when I was 3 hours into my shooter games… good thing that shotgun was virtual, reflexes, ha!

    BTW, hi to all. With this I just had to register to MCS. Way too cool a site. Kudos to ya’ll


    spiffy shirt, where can i get one?


    *Facepalm* More fuel for the “video games make kids violent” bullshit. No one looks deeper and sees the truth: A kid who’d kill his parents because he couldn’t play a video game has issues that go FAR deeper than the video game. Either he was psychologically unstable from the start or his parents simply never spent enough time with him to teach him some basics such as “violence = bad” and “fantasy =/= reality”


    @Neuromancer: Ha! That’s awesome.

    And the way I look at it. The hundreds of millions of people who play video games at all, divided by the number of children 16, and under that play games, how many acts of violence are directly attributable to the games themselves?

    What, maybe 6 cases? Say at most 20, if you stretch it? Over 20 years of modern video gaming?

    Airplanes have higher death rates.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Some kid up here ran away from home because his dad took his xbox away. So the ‘community’ (see: old farts who get scared trying to work a toaster) claimed he had obviously met someone online and had been kidnapped. Awareness was promptly raised and the easy answer of that newfangled technology stuff was blamed. Microsoft even gave over all info related to the kids account. Turns out he just walked out into the forest because he was mad at his parents and he froze to death. How come nobody sees that if he’d had his xbox he would still… Read more »


    One less HALO Player to worry about. Score!


    leathal injection is potassium cloride, a few grams in liquid into the bloodstream = death. Its only a matter of time before kids find they can buy it in a store as a “salt substitute” for FAT or high blood preasure people… makes ya think huh?…and video game are dangerous..


    Ultimate ban for team killing