Killer croc vs The Batman

Killer croc vs The Batman

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    hates The Batman’s crappy look and *downgraded* looks of villains

    Luke Magnifico

    That belt doesn’t have any pouches on it.

    Where are the pouches with the prepared gadgets.

    How can he be prepared without a pouch belt of gadgets.

    Alpha Harrison

    Yeah I’m not such a big fan of this either, my main problem being The Joker. He looks like a homeless rasta. The Joker should look daper at all times, it’s that juxtoposition between his polished look and completeley fucked mind that make him such a tits character


    surprise batsecks


    natedog: HAHAHAHAHAHA! You sir, are brilliant.
    Also, I am in agreement with Mr. Harrison.


    is anyone as excited for the new game coming out as i am?


    Da Killah croc don’t know it yet, but he ’bout ta get Batpwned… >:D

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