World Cannabis Laws

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    Darth Vasya

    Legal/Essetially Legal here in Russia?! You wish…


    Holy shit. It’s actually legal in Spain? Mamma mia. I didn’t know that. Though I know where I’m going next year for sure.

    And yeh, legalise it.


    Darth Vasya: It says it’s only decriminalised, not legal. Is it? Yeah I have the feeling something can’t be right here.

    Alec Dalek

    Ontario should be orange now. It was legal for a few months in 2003. Now it’s only legal medically. You’re still not allowed to enjoy it.


    I can all but guarantee that it’s illegal in Oman and Yemen.


    looking at the [no information] areas, id say this: Africa: barely enough money to get food let alone drugs Uzbekistan/kurdistan: most neighbour nations call it illegal, so they might too Oman/Yeman: Saudi arabia up north says illegal, so im sure they call it illegal too the WTF list: Switzerland counts it by region? its a tiny nation, wtf do they monitor it by street blocks? Mexico: okay, so spain, portugal, and most spanish and portuguese nations in south america are seriously f,,ked up, but mexico is the one spanish-blood nation that holds some drugs laws The Life Sucks moment: okay,… Read more »



    Germany is a beautiful country, it’s better off without insignificant insects like you.


    @Kommissar: Most likely due to Switzerland’s style of direct, as opposed to representative, democracy.


    fail map is fail. Missed it by that much.


    ‘Merica seriously needs to loosen up… Srsly…


    Phyreblade: Agreed and I don’t smoke it.


    shit Antarctica isnt on the map, i guess i’ll just have to risk it when i go there to smoke out the penguins


    So sorry, guys… I’m from Spain, and it is false that Cannabis is legalized there. It should be marked in red.


    It the middle of a blue “ocean”, my country lies with bright red color. How nice. Why do we suck? (Norway, but Sweden and Finland joins the red as well.. looks stupid!)

    But, it’s illegal in Japan? No way! I’ve seen the shows and commercials they make. Something is being smoked there, and it’s not tobacco… Or.. Asians have a low tolerance for alchol, maybe a low tolerance for everything else too? “OOoooh sugar rush!!! Look at this commercial I’ve made!”


    Yeah, I’m from Spain too and weed and hash are illegal. The fine for one joint starts at 300€ but if the police see it’s not drug traffic, just for own use they don’t fine you, they just take away your drugs (and probably smoke them in their car FUCKTHEPOLICE!) but it depends a lot of the policeman, here in spain there’s still a lot of people living like it was 40 years ago, extreme right catolicism, missing the dictatorship and stuff like that, and a lot of cops are that way so they are a bunch of motherfuckers when… Read more »


    frebas: Franco is still dead, right?


    1] youre a drugwhore FAIL
    2] all of Germany could benefit by bringing back the ordered East German way of life with real laws



    1) You’re a Jew hating Nazi motherfucker. TRIPPLE FAIL
    2) The entire world could benefit by putting guys like you into an institution.


    3) Your face smells, go away.


    1] I support humans and not the FAILS who pretend to be like us
    2] Without us, the human race would die, and eventually the world would be covered in black gorillas


    3] You have smoked yourself retarded

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