One License Plate to Rule them All . . .

Sauron.jpg (232 KB)

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    OK, there is *no way* Sauron lives in Ohio…

    Billy Manic

    @Phyreblade: That’s all part of the plan.


    One does not simply walk into Ohio


    Ohio is the only place that makes sense.


    I wonder how long he’s had this tag/plate. Once the movies came out, I’ll bet a lot of people were trying for every variation of every character.


    I would think Sauron would live in a place like Nevada. It pretty much looks like Mordor anyway. Though the people in the deep south bear more resemblance to orcs.


    Can anybody make out the number in the bottom right corner that’s mostly covered by the stupid sorority frame? Ohio’s counties are numbered in alphbetical order, #’s 1-88. I’m originally from county #87 so it’s possible I may have seen this car around somwhere.


    I would would have thought Sauron would prefer a more temperate location… Not so much snow… But I could be wrong…

    The number is covered by the frame of his Kappa Alpha Psi plate holder… But it looks like it could be an 80… or something similar…