Nuclear Proliferation Chart

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    OK seriously, what’s up with the French nuclear hub?


    Fucking french, can’t fight a war so the spread the nukes IOT deter one.


    Is this accurate? I was thinking the same thing about France. I lived there for years and had no idea.


    No country gets a greater percentage of their electricity from nuclear power than France. Yeah it is kind of dishonest (or at least misleading) for the diagram maker to have them so front and center, but given the conventions of the graphic, they are accurate. France has been the recipiant to, or the donator of, an amazing amount of information on nuclear technology. note that this graphic does not denote scale, just number of parties affected. Frankly, the misrepresented party on this graphic is Israel. Not because they have a massive nuclear program, but because they have done their best… Read more »


    Wait, wait, wait- Switzerland had a nuclear weapons program at one point? Seriously? The mind boggles.

    I’d be curious to know which links of the information transfer was primarily sharing, and how much was primarily espionage.


    Considering it’s a neutral country, I wouldn’t be surprised that they researched there then packed up to build it somewhere else.

    Alec Dalek

    And why do the Arabs and Muslims want nukes? Because the US let Israel have nukes. In a way, it’s only fair. Very scary, but fair.


    @AlecDalek: Then it’s a good thing that life isn’t fair.


    @AlecDalek: The US let Israel have nukes in the same way it let North Korea have nukes. In other words: not. The Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona was built by the French at the same time the US threatened sanctions on them (and the UK and France) for having attacked Egypt. The US also refused to sell them more weapons in the 60s without inspections at Dimona. (Ever wonder why the ’67 war was fought by the Israelis with British tanks and French aircraft?)


    wonder where the Germans are. there are also reactors o.O [EINSTEIN!!!]

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