Automotive bail out

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    point the finger more at GM and chrysler… they’re the ones who said “we need money rigth now or we’re fucked” Ford just said “we’d like a line of credit, but we think we can pull through ok, it’s just in case”.


    So very, very true.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Even if they get their money everyone will be so pissed off they won’t sell sweet fuck all ever again.


    You’re 100% right, mAgnUS. That’s what was so ironic about the Big # CEOs arriving for their first coffee-date with Congress via separate private jets. That act alone probably turned off a huge segment of people who might have otherwise considered buying an American vehicle.


    so the lazy uneducated 3rd generation factory worker, who makes 35 dollars an hour to install the rubber lining in the windows, and continues to receive top dollar 25 years after retirement has nothing to do with the big threes inability to turn a profit?


    The Obama just tryin to keep everyone employed. it’s like indirecet socialism. that money is going to the factories to pay the workers for doing something worthless that robots are already doing, instead of just sending the money to families to get them through the next year.


    Honestly, I personally think the entire idea of the government “bailout” is garbage. If a business has bad business practices it needs to tank. If the economy is bad, more cash for big business is not going to fix it. On the other hand, If the people have more money, they will buy more, and businesses can actually make a profit. Instead we’ve just given banks billions of tax dollars, all for them to just get nice Christmas bonuses, go on extended vacations, and sit on whatever is left. And the thing that kills me is that it’s not like… Read more »


    Destro: YES. THANK YOU. THIS.

    Alec Dalek

    Destro: I’m with Destro.

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