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Merlin is a British television drama series based around the Arthurian legends of the mythical wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur. This show differs significantly from more traditional versions of the myth. It airs on the BBC in the same Saturday evening family drama slot as series such as Doctor Who and Robin Hood. Merlin is a take on the Arthur story much like Smallville is a take on the Superman story. Merlin is a pretty good show if you can catch it.
Colin Morgan plays Merlin: a young sorcerer who attempts to keep his powers secret
Bradley James plays Prince Arthur: the future King of Camelot
Richard Wilson plays Gaius: Camelot’s court physician and one of the few to know Merlin’s secret
Anthony Head plays Uther Pendragon: Arthur’s father
Angel Coulby plays Guinevere (Gwen): a servant and friend to Morgana
Katie McGrath plays Morgana: King Uther’s ward (and in some legends Arthur’s half-sister)
John Hurt is the voice of the The Great Dragon: Merlin’s mentor and one of the few to know his secret

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    bright green

    I have BBC.
    This show is crap.
    I just saved you a lot of time.


    That looks so incredibly poor.


    I just finished reading “Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

    I loved her Darkover series but I could have done without that book.


    am I just getting old or do all these kids look like jailbait? :/


    I’m just trying to figure out if the brunette in the 3rd picture down is the same woman in the other images. In all the images, except that one, the brunette looks like the woman who played Jamie Summers in the new Bionic Woman.


    Look another show based on Arthurian Legend.



    Is she one that wrote the Merlin novels that I read last year? I did not enjoy the one that was not about Merlin.


    RSIxidor: Seeing that you read the book, you are more likely to know whether or not the author is the same as the one I mentioned.


    Come on! Just answer the question! I don’t want to work for my knowledge . . .

    Nope, the novels I read were by Mary Stewart

    And I enjoyed them. They felt almost as if they could be real. Good stuff.


    Head seems to be enjoying the same non-success as other Buffy alumni. Shame.


    outofocus: I love her Avalon series. Diana Paxson has taken over the Avalon series and Deborah Ross has taken over the Darkover series.


    Excalibur is the best. Discussions over.


    this looks terrible. I think I utterly despise that dweeb that is supposed to be Merlin. In fact, yes, I do believe I hate him.

    Aside from my loathing of the christianized version of the Arthurian legends, I also loathe any depiction of “medieval” times that are so *clean* and bland and stale. These pictures and the idea of this show make me want to throw this monitor across the room and go sit in a tree and fume for an hour.


    sylvanish: How very pagan of you. ;<)


    yeah it’s her. And she’s still about as entertaining as the damp patch on my wall.

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