Comanche, Only US Army Survivor From Little Big Horn Battle

Comanche-Survivor.jpg (39 KB)

“You are looking at an artistic picture of “Comanche,” the only survivor of the Custer Massacre, 1876. History of the horse and regimental orders of the 7th Cavalry as to the care of “Comanche” as long as he shall live. It was created in 1887 by Grabill, John C. H., photographer.”

He does not look too happy.

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    Pretty amazing. And I love pictures like this one.


    Pictures in the 1800’s took a long time to take so they would have people hold a pose that was comfortable. I couldn’t imagine trying to smile for an hour. lol


    Only survivor …besides the thousands of Indians.


    In contests where losers die, Comanche is a survivor. Thousands of Cheyenne and Sioux were ‘winners’.


    Johnny Horton wrote a song about him, called “Comanche the Brave Horse” it’s actually pretty moving.


    Custer Massacre? Massacre is when a company of soldiers kills an entire village, not when a village turns the tide & kills armed men who should be ready to die based on their chosen profession…