Small Dog Eaten By Huskey

Small Dog Eaten By Huskey

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    I’ve always wanted a Husky.


    One of my aunties has two of them. I am not a dog person at all, but I love those bitches… they are beautiful and have majestic auras.


    *om nom nom nom*


    i lived in ALaska for 20 years… Huskeys BITE. a LOT. i’d say, per capita, than pit bulls. viscious friggin’ dogs. a couple steps closer to wolves. and it shows in their temperment.

    but- like all dogs, some can be very sweet. don’t trust them until you know them.


    Oh, this is better. Finding my cute place again…ohmmmmmmmmmm.


    Cannibal husky is cannibal O_o


    I think it’s that the mini dog is actually climbing into the mouth of the husky.


    Indeed, I just found that out about them recently. I’d always assumed they were like any other dogs. But as I understand it, they are closer to domesticated wolves than dogs. Highly developed pack mentality, but also extremely competitive. A lot of of their feral instincts seem to have remained intact.

    But imho still just some of the most beautiful dogs there are. But I also love wolves to death, so maybe I’m biased… 🙂